Turbo V2 RDA Clone $9.99

Turbo V2 Clone

Turbo V2 Rebuildable Atomizer

The Turbo V2 RDA clone is now up for sale through Angelcigs for just $9.99, a steal even for a clone. The Turbo V1 took that vaping world by storm, popping up everywhere you look. Now, the Turbo V2 is building up a following, and for good reason.

The Turbo V2, just like its original counterpart, utilizes a spinning plastic fan in the top cap to cool off vapor coming off the coils and force increase the airflow of the atomizer itself. As many reviewers have stated, the Turbo V1 may seem gimmicky, but it does make it easier to take in a vast amount of vapor at one time.

The Turbo V2 follows suit with most aspects of the V1, but it adds a few features that the original missed with a smaller frame. Instead of the fan being un-removeable from the top cap, the Turbo V2’s delrin fan is removable, allowing you to take it out if you don’t want a rush of airflow.

Though the main change for the Turbo V2 is that the fan is now removable, it has another small change that places it above the original. The Turbo V2 no longer sports the glass, straight chuff cap like the original. Instead, it has a beveled top cap around the fan and a smaller delrin chuff. This allows for a more satisfying flavor, perfect for all you flavor chasers out there.

Overall, the Turbo V2 is a welcome adaptation of the V1, and the clone from Angelcigs holds true to that. You can pick your own Turbo V2 up right now for just $9.99. Why wouldn’t you want to get it for that amazing price? Don’t miss out on this deal, and as always, vape on.

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  • Glass wide drip tip (12mm bore diameter)
  • Plastic turbine wheel
  • Heat sink bottom to dissipate heat
  • Square center post and negative posts machined to the deck
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • 510 threading connection with adjustable center screw
  • Turbo V2 turbine is changeable and smaller than the V1
  • Both glass tip and delrin tip

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