Turbo RDA by Tobeco – $17.77

Turbo RDA

Turbine Fan Dripping Atomizer

The price of the Tobeco Turbo RDA ius getting lower, now you can pick one up for as little as $17.77 with FREE shipping included.

Another option is to buy the Turbo RDA clone for about $10 here.

I had just been thinking about the integration of a fan into an atomizer after seeing this fan device that goes in your car’s air intake and its supposed to increase power and fuel efficiency. Looks like Tobeco read my mind with the creation of their latest atomizer, the Turbo RDA.

The Turbo RDA is an innovative new dripping atomizer designed by Ohm Nation, the USA team of Tobeco. It’s innovative design integrates a turbine fan into the top cap of the atomizer boosting airflow and vapor production. A device like this has never been seen before and could be a game changer for cloud chasers.

The body of the Turbo RDA is made from 304 stainless steel with heat sink fins on the base as well as the top cap. The turbine fan isn’t the Turbo’s only unique feature, each side of the device has a cut out Ohm symbol that doubles as the airflow holes for the adjustable airflow system. Just twist the top cap to close or open these “air holes”.

On the inside of the Turbo RDA you with find a 3-post design, a square positive center post to prevent spinning and two negative posts milled directly into the deck. The Turbo RDA also has a pretty deep juice well and dual o-rings to provide a nice and tight seal. With the Turbo RDA you will get a huge 22mm pyrex glass drip tip and a regular 510 drip tip adapter. Because the Turbo is so unique I expect this to be a very sought after atomizer.

You may also be interested in the new Nuke RDA with 3 turbine fans, I just posted a deal for the Nuke RDA here.

Turbo RDA $17.77 Free Shipping

$19.88 Free Shipping

Black $20.79 Free Shipping

Turbo RDA Features:

  • PC grade plastic turbine wheel
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Heat sinks to dissipate heat
  • Square posts to prevent “Spinning post”
  • PEEK insulator
  • Negative posts machined to base
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Deep juice well

See Rip Trippers sneak peek of the Turbo RDA below:

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  • Hexx 02/09/2015

    No, no, no. Just…no.

    • Jeff 02/09/2015

      You obviously haven’t seen it in action.

  • jarret 02/09/2015

    ya buy one at store for 1$

  • jarret 02/09/2015

    Kid toy oops

  • Hartoled 02/09/2015

    Anybody who uses one of these within earshot of a child should be kept off vaping…in the County Jail.

  • J.Nason 02/10/2015

    WoW.. I Wish Rip Trippers Would Just Stop, He Is Super Annoying..

  • J.Nason 02/10/2015

    It does seem like it would be very attractive to a child.. Then again all eCig stuff kind of is, Shiny and Colorful.. But then again, Adults need to keep Devices out of reach in the first place.

  • R. Courtney 02/10/2015

    The ones in cars use an external powersource to create additional airflow to increase power/performance. This turns the existing airflow into a vortex and creates an annoying sound. The fan actually hinders airflow. Of it was powered by the mod I would believe it would work. And those electric turbines you write into your intake are a joke anyway. They don’t come anywhere near the performance of a true exhaust driven turbine turbo.

      • R. Courtney 02/10/2015

        That is correct, somewhat. The drop in tornado things do nothing. The electrical fan does little and even less when you factor in the parasitic loss from powering it. Turbos run off of your exhaust. The exhaust air turns a turbine which force feeds your intake. This rda just gets in the way of the airflow and annoys your friends.

    • Terry Carver 02/16/2015

      Really, like anyone thought this was a real turbo

  • Skylar 02/12/2015

    My goodness at the snarky comments. By the way, have any of you tried this device? I’m assuming not. Keep in mind that vaping isn’t about everything being streamlined; someone out there appreciates this. Would you want someone seeing your device and telling you what you’re doing wrong? Just for ghits and siggles, I think the idea of a fan inside an rda is completely out of the box and fresh. I think we need more of these companies thinking out of their comfort zone and being original.

    • Vincent 07/31/2015

      I love this device. BTW the fan is not meant increase airflow it’s meant to increase circulation of the air. Similar to a convection oven. I assume they call it a turbo because it sounds cooler than convection.

    • NSL 04/27/2016

      Its been over a year since your comment, but I thought I’d add my experience as I’ve now used the Turbo RDA for ~6 months.

      Although I haven’t much to compare it to (my one vape friend only has a basic simple RDA) I think it is a great piece of hardware for the price I paid (<$20 shipped). Previously I used a Kanger Subtank Mini, but got tired of the leaks, and (for my usage, YMMV) its higher juice consumption rate. I'm guessing this disparity is due to me being lazy and not dripping as much juice as I would otherwise vape through the tank, but all that matters to me is that my goal of using less juice was achieved. (~15ml/week now compared to ~3-4 days with the Subtank).

      I don't build my own coils yet (still somewhat of a n00b here), but despite the abuse it endures from careless vape store builders I have yet to strip out any of the screws. Even more incredibly, all of the original o-rings are still in tact and functional!

      Cloud production is better than any other device I've used (maybe 4-5 different friend's RDAs I've tried). It certainly obliterates the Subtank in this regard, but that's to be expected. For reference I have it attached to a kbox mini (yes I bought the subox kit, again just a beginner here) and usually get it built with a .3 or .4 ohm dual coil build. Depending on the juice, I can usually run all the way to 50w with this build but generally stick to 40w as I like it a bit cooler.

      My complaints would mostly stem from the fan. I recognized that it was likely a gimmick going in, but for what I paid I didn't really care. Roughly 3 months of use, and the fan bearings seem to have worn, or become gunked up with juice to the point where the fan barely spins. This is both good and bad. The good news is that if you rip it really hard it no longer makes the whirring noise people complain about. The bad news is that it basically does nothing except restrict airflow now. (even if it was only a novelty to begin with). I don't baby my hardware or clean it very often so again this could be my fault rather than the RDA's. My only significant concern is that one day the fan blades might break or chip and land plastic shards in my lungs. I haven't heard of this happening, and it definitely hasn't happened to me, so maybe I'm paranoid. Like I said earlier nothing has broken so far, and it has survived numerous drops so it seems really durable (props to the kbox too for putting up with my abuse)

      Compared to clones I could have purchased for similar $$, I think I did pretty well, and certainly don't regret my choice. I'd recommend the Turbo RDA especially at <$20.

  • Gary 02/13/2015

    Methinks it’s the association with Rip Tripper that’s got everyone in a tizzy!

    • netscape 02/25/2015

      its not, i have one of these and its no joke.

      also id like to say that rip trippers is a fuckwad.

  • R. Courtney 02/13/2015

    It was not my intention to come across snarky. I am sure there are vapers out there that will love it, for whatever reason, and that is fine. I disagree with the science behind it, but I am neither a scientist nor an engineer, so you can take that for what it’s worth, also.
    As for Rip? I’m a loyal subscriber to his channel. Don’t always agree with his message, but you gotta love the delivery.

    • Jeff 04/10/2015

      I’ve seen the owner of my local shop using this and he loves it. I watched it make clouds every time he hit, you just have to give a strong pull to start so that the turbine will spin, otherwise it doesn’t do much.

  • Jason 02/23/2015

    Haha you people rip on products with no concept of how they work!! Just from the vapor production in his video it obviously works pretty darn well. And if it does not so what at least its not a damn $150 buck rda that gets used for 2 weeks until the next big thing comes out! For the price i will be glad to try it and im sure half of you ones already mocking it will as well as soon as it gets buzz crazy all over the net. The end

  • Tiny fan… BIG controversy!

  • pancho 03/11/2015


  • Tyler 03/16/2015

    I’ve already had the experience of using one. It is a great RDA for cloud chasers, Ive seen it beat a competition Kennedy with very similar builds. And the big controversy over the kazoo noise the fan makes is stupid. You almost have to be trying to make it, make that sound. Just my input on it. I’ll be ordering one when they come out

  • really? 03/20/2015

    How the hell would something that spins because you suck it cause more air flow. Also those “fans in car intake” are proven to restric flow. Useless and zero science involved.

    • Trappavapesstrong 06/18/2015

      Turbos do not restrict airflow. In fact they increase it? It’s called forced induction for a reason. They produce more airflow. As for the turbine in this rda i dont really see it increasing airflow dramatically.

  • Christopher Lange 04/07/2015

    It actually cools the vapor allowing a larger toot.

  • M. Sadowski 04/13/2015

    People who analyze things by talking shit and being negative are cliche and simple; people like that are a dime/dozen, especially when it comes to something or someone different. Open minds are so hard to find anymore…. Leave your over-analytical comments to actual engineers, most likely rightfully assuming there are no actual turbine engine or rda engineer among you. Might be a good system though, I think I’ll try it.

  • sam ericsson 04/23/2015

    I dont care about the clouds. I just want the funny sound.

  • Bradley 04/27/2015

    My turbo needs replacement parts. How do I acquire such?

  • E. F. 04/30/2015

    The only reason why i would get these is to put them on the hells gate so i can successfully say i have a twin turbo. Lol anyway one of the guys at the bape shop had one i hit off it. The vapor was A LOT cooler and allowed me to take a huge hit BUT the sound in fact was obnoxious. So much even i did leave that store within 5 minutes

  • dave 06/10/2015

    Own it and have compared it to the mutationx v2 and with the same cool build and a 150 sigeli I get deeper rips (cause is cooler) and at least 1/3rd more vape production. And the flavor… Oh the flavor.

    That’s an honest experienced opinion.

  • Chad 06/13/2015

    Brand new, like today new, to RDAs. Have the same set up, except for the coil build obviously since I don’t know what yours is, but what wattage are you running this at? The coil build they set me up with at the shop is at 1.0 ohm. Started at 60 watts and it burned like crazy. Dropped it down, and now I’m barely getting a hit. Like I said, new to all this so looking to learn. 90/10 mix also.


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