Tower Mechanical Mod Clone $16.81

Tower Clone

Tower Clone

Focalecig just placed the Tower mechanical mod 1:1 clone on sale for only $16.81. At such a low price, one would expect the mod on sale to not be up to standards, but this Tower 1:1 clone will definitely satisfy any vaper out there.

The Tower clone is an almost flawless replica of the authentic, sporting all the great aspects that people adored with the authentic. The Tower has become of the most popular mechanical mods on the market, popping up left and right on social media outlets.

One of the biggest draws for the Tower authentic is its aesthetics, and the clone that just got posted on Focalecig does not lack in that department. The Tower clone sports both the intricate design that the authentic has and the same performance as well. The Tower authentic is known for having nearly no voltage drop, and the clone, again, does not let you down here.

All-in-all the Tower mechanical mod clone from Focalecig is definitely worth the $16.81 price tag, and is sure to satisfy vapers new and old. Between the pleasant aesthetics, almost zero voltage drop, and buttery smooth threads and button, who wouldn’t want to have their very own Tower mechanical mod clone? Make sure to pick yours up before it is too late. And as always, vape on.

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  • Laser etched pattern
  • No circuit board, full mechanical mod
  • Telescopic 510 contact pin (silver-plated brass)
  • Recessed 510 threading connector
  • Compatible with any device with 510 threaded connector

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  • EvilBeast 07/01/2015

    There is no “Tower” mod, The name of the Authentic this clone is based on is “The Rig” mod by VAMP. Does anyone happen to know if thiis particular clone is a clone of the Rig v1 or if its the Rig v2? Thanks!


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