Tobeco Vulcan RDA Clone – $11.99 USA

Tobeco Vulcan RDA Clone

Dripping Atomizer

Here’s a great deal on a Tobeco Vulcan RDA clone. Get one for only $11.99 with free shipping included. This RDA used to retail for $19.99 to $24.99 each.

To reduce heat the Vulcan RDA has a very cool looking double heat-sink design. The top cap has deep heat sink fins surrounding the drip tip connection and the base is made from a solid piece of stainless steel with heat sink fins to further aid heat dissipation. The three posts use brass thumb screws so you can easily change out your build and airflow can be adjusted by twisting the top cap. 

The original version of this device would cost you around $60 bucks but for less than a fourth of that amount you can have a quality clone made by Tobeco.

Vulcan RDA Clone for $11.99

Vulcan Clone Features:

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Base made from a single solid piece
  • Conical top cap
  • Revolutionary “under-passing” juice well
  • A truly functional bottom base heat sink
  • Innovative AFC side walls
  • Double Laser cut vent holes
  • Copper 510 contact pin
  • PEEK insulators
  • 3 sets post screws out of the box
  • Precise machining with unmatched price!
  • with 3 kinds screws in package

The video below is a review of the original Vulcan atomizer by zVaper. In it he compares this device to the TOBH atomizer which is so similar that all it’s parts are interchangeable with the Vulcan. This device differs from the TOBH with the bottom heat sink and it’s “revolutionary” under passing juice well. Basically this revolutionary feature just means that the posts connect to the wall of the atomizer instead of connecting directly into the base of the deck. Another unique aspect is the air-holes, instead of holes there actually squares with the letter “V” in the center matching up with the logo. Included with this RDA are three sets of screws; a gold set, a stainless steel set, and allen key screws.


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  • G... 09/07/2014

    Amazing how quick our Chinese friends re-tool and can turn out these clones,
    I had recently purchased the Vulcan Japanese original on I believe 8/2 or so along with the 454 original and then the clones came out only a couple weeks later.
    The Vulcan original leaked out of the box unfortunately put was easily fixed, but when I bought the clone out of curiosity it was absolutely flawless, no leaking at all and IMHO actually better than the original only big difference was, it didn’t have the real nice packaging of the original Vulcan had.
    I just thought I’d throw this in because it made me laugh so hard and since I’m talking clones.
    There was the first batch of 454 Kryptonight clones that came out and I was sent one to give an opinion on and the very 1st thing I noticed was the serial number on the bottom so I mentioned to them that the original didn’t have a serial number that I knew of and I double checked mine and nope no serial number, their response was, OH really and then silence for a couple days, then I got their response.
    They thought the 454 on the bottom was a serial number, and had absolutely no clue what so ever what 454 meant to westerners like in engine, power, hot rods, drag cars nope they didn’t get it at all and that was why the original was called the 454, well that was the last batch with serial numbers, I laughed so hard when they told me that, just thought you’d get a kick out of that story hopefully and so if you ever happen to see a clone of the 454 RDA with a serial number you’ll know it was one of the first clones ever made.


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