The Kraigen 8ml Atlantis Tank – $26.99

Kraigen 8ml Aspire Atlantis Tank

8ml Tank for Aspire Atlantis

Check out the new extended Aspire Atlantis Tank called The Kraigen, it increases the capacity on the Aspire Atlantis from 2ml to a huge 8ml tank! Get one with a zippered carrying case, an extra glass tank, and extra o-rings for only $26.99 with coupon code “VC10”.

Too expensive? You can now pre-order a 5ml Atlantis tank for $12 here.

The first time I listed the 8ml Kraigen Tank it only included the tank by itself for $29.99, now that you get some extras and the price is $26.99 it’s not so expensive.If you like your Aspire Atlantis but need a larger tank this new extended tank is the only way to go.

The Kraigen is made from stainless steel with a glass tank. Just replace the stock tank on your Aspire Atlantis with the Kraigen and you will now have a huge 8ml capacity. It has two 2.5mm phillips head screws in the top cap, just remove the screws and fill the tank through the holes.

Coupon Code: VC10

Get the Kraigen Tank here

Kraigen Tank Features:

  • Approx 8ml Juice Capacity glass tank
  • TOP FILL technology so you can fill your juice without removing the tank from your device
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • A must have for all Atlantis Tank Users
  • Designed in USA

Product Includes:

  • Full Tank (End pieces and glass)
  • 1 Extra Glass Piece
  • Extra O-Rings
  • Zippered Carry Case

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  • bert 12/14/2014
    The rest of the parts can be purchased separately.

  • Tom Adamski 12/14/2014

    I’ll wait for the 100ml tank… (Sarcasm)

  • Sammy ash 12/14/2014

    Man, that price is insane , Fasttech will have one very soon and for a hell of a lot cheaper . This is certainly not a “vaping cheap “deal .

    • jeff 01/01/2015

      Fasttech might have one soon, but I guarantee it won’t fit the authentic deck. Don’t be a cheap ass. It’s 30 bucks. That ass wipin money, and I love just above the poverty line.

  • chris 02/09/2015

    That cost more than the tank itself, why would I pay more for an accessory

    • Anthony 02/25/2015

      That’s just it, Chris… you don’t have to. This is the best thing about a free market; you can buy something if you want it, or you don’t purchase it because you don’t have to. Amazing how that works, isn’t it?


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