Tesla 160W TC Wood Box Mod $75.54

Tesla Wood TC Box Mod

Tesla 160W TC

Tesla has come a long way with their products recently, stepping up to the plate with the big dogs in the industry. Now, they have the Tesla 160W wooden box mod with temperature control capability up on GearBest for just $75.54, a steal compared to other TC box mods on the market right now.

Tesla is known primarily for their wooden box mods, and that style is not lost on the 160W TC device. The wood finish is available in two different color options, allowing for a little bit more customizability. Add power to the style aspect, and we have ourselves a winner right here.

The Tesla temperature control device runs from 7 to 160W, putting it in the prime power spectrum for box mods on the market right now. Tesla has seen that high-power temperature control devices are becoming more and more commonplace, and have responded correctly. The new wooden TC box from them is phenomenal in design and functionality.

The Tesla 160W TC takes two 18650 batteries and is sure to wow any vaper that lays a hand on it. With very little voltage drop under load, the Tesla 160W is perfect for any vaper, new or veteran, looking to get their hands on a solid temperature control device,

GearBest has the Tesla 160W wood box mod on sale for just $75.54. Make sure to pick yours up before it is too late. Get your hands on one of these bad boys, and as always, vape on.

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  • Accepts two 18650 high-drain batteries (not included)
  • Lowest Resistance: 0.18-3.0 Ohm (ordinary atomizer), 0.18-1.0 Ohm (Nickel 200 coil)
  • Power Range: 7-160W
  • Temp Control Range: 100-300 C / 200-600 F
  • Maximum output voltage: 11V
  • Maximum output current: 29.8A

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