Subtank Mini RBA V2 $2.97

Subtank Mini RBA V2

Subtank RBA V2

If you are sick and tired of the original version of the Subtank Mini RBA section, look no further than this amazing deal from FastTech for the RBA V2 at the low price of only $2.97.

The newest rendition of the Subtank RBA section fixes all the major issues that vapers were complaining about from the original. The Subtank Mini RBA V2 provides tank-users the opportunity to build coils and customize their vaping experience.

The RBA V2 sports a two-post design, just like the V1, but with much larger wick holes. The size of the holes on the sides of the RBA V2 is comparable to the holes in the Atlantis, Arctic, and Herakles coil heads. It allows for faster wicking, which in turn provides a more satisfying vaping experience and fewer dry hits.

Another aspect that Kangertech changed with the RBA V2 is the sleeve. On the V1, the sleeve was not well made, making it hard for builders to take apart the section. On the V2, the sleeve is screwed into the base. When you pop out the screws, the sleeve comes off far easier than the V1. That alone makes the RBA V2 completely worth it.

If you don’t already have the RBA V2 from the Kangertech Sub Box, make sure to pick this amazing deal up from FastTech. And as always, vape on.

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RBA V2 Features

  • 2 post design
  • Large wicking holes
  • Three-part design
  • One pre-built coil
  • Base screwed into sleeve

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  • Collins 06/20/2015

    Is there any us vendors selling these or the neww occ coils, or the new subtanks separately?

    • Nathan 06/20/2015

      OPCC coils:
      Haven’t seen the RBA in the uSA yet.

      • Collins 06/21/2015

        Thanks Nathan. I’ve heard good things about these new coils in the subbox kit. Lets hope the quality remains with the mass produced heads lol, because it never does.

        • Collins 06/21/2015

          I shoud mention that he new coils are verticle syle, incase anyone reads tis comment. I saw one reviewer who was able to push 40 watts through one, with 80% vg liquid with zero dry hits! That’s impressive.


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