Smoktech Gimlet Giant Tank Atomizer

Gimlet Giant Tank Atomizer by Smoktech

Gimlet Giant Tank Atomizer

New Tank Atomizer

It looks like Smoktech is trying to get into the tank market with their new Gimlet Giant Atomizer. In the past this market has been dominated by brands such as Protank, Aerotank, and my favorite the Aspire Nautilus. This is why tank manufacturers are constantly trying to “one up” each other’s designs, I remember when the Aspire Nautilus first came out it dominated the market with its unique 4 hole adjustable airflow system and replaceable dual-coil atomizer heads. Now Kanger is trying to take things to a new level with their new quad-coil Aerotank Turbo that uses two dual-coil heads.

With the Smotech Gimlet Giant I’m not seeing any ground breaking features, In fact the most unique thing about this tank is that it comes with 2 different glass tanks, one is clear glass and the other has a pattern design. That doesn’t mean the tank is bad though, it may just make small improvements on normal features like the adjustable airflow system. It looks like they’re using a system similar to the Aspire Nautilus. The airflow system has 3 different airflow holes of varying sizes (1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 2.4mm). You select the airflow that’s right for you by spinning a AFC ring around the base.

Smok Gimlet Giant glass tanks

The replaceable coils heads are large parallel dual-coil atomizers that measure 20.51mm by 10.56mms. The coil-heads will be avaliable in 1.8, 2.0, 2.4, or 3.0 ohm resistance levels. The top of the coil-head has double airflow holes and the base has 4 electronic posts for improved conductivity. One unique feature is airflow that enters from both sides of the coil head join together in the middle. This feature is designed to provide “bigger vapor” and “better taste”, but who knows if that’s true?

The Gimlet Giant dissembles into 6 parts; the drip tip, top cap, glass tank, fixing part, replaceable coil head, and metal base. To fill the tank you remove the base and coil-head and fill the tank from the bottom; it can hold up to 5ml’s of e-juice.

Overall, the tank measures 76mm by 22mm so it’s designed to fit on 18650 mods. The Gimlet Giant is so new I can’t find one anywhere to purchase yet, but I do know Smoktech is out there trying to get wholesale orders on them. I’ll update this page with more information as I find it.

Gimlet Giant Features:

  • Stainless Stell Construction with Two Pyrex glass tank’s
  • Parallel Dual coils Atomizer heads
  • Adjustable airflow Design With 3 Air-holes (1.6mm, 2.0mm, and 2.4mm)
  • Tank Capacity is 5ml
  • Measures 76mm x 22mm
  • Weighs: 57 grams

Visit Smoktechs page for the Gimlet Giant

I have tried to get the best information possible on the Smoktech Gimlet Giant but since the product is new and has varying information some of the information on this page may be wrong. If you find something please feel free to e-mail me.

SMOK Gimlet Giant Instruction Manual picture

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  • chris 07/03/2016

    hi nathan i really hope you can help me a little i bought the gimlet giant and i must admit i am really quite impressed with it apart from one small issue (no it aint small its huge) i cant find any Gimlet Giant coils for it here in the UK the only place i found these coils was on ebay and the supplier was in the USA he wanted $7.50 for 5 which i thought great thats cheap enough may be $15.o0 including postage but that wasnt the case they wanted $25.00 for it and about 20 days untill delivery so any help on finding a UK supplier would be greatfully received.i have been intouch with smok my self and even on there website it doesnt seem that they have these coils i emailed smok and upto to now still no reply thanks


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