Smokeless Owl Clone $21.90

Smokeless Owl Clone

Bottom Feeder Mod Kit

Here’s a killer group buy deal on a Smokeless Owl Clone bottom feeder mod. For a limited time you can get one in either black or white for only $21.90 with FREE shipping.

The Smokeless Owl Clone was selling for $39.50 just a few days ago and now you can get one for half that price, what a great deal.

The Smokeless Owl is a bottom feeding device so a bottle of e-liquid sits inside the mod and when you squeeze it ejuice goes up through the 510 connection into the included RDA. It’s a mechanical mod powered by a single 18650 battery and has a locking firing switch on the top of the device. With this deal you will get a 22.5mm quad post RDA designed to work as a bottom feeding atomizer.

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Smokless Owl Clone Features:

RDA Features:

  • Dimension 62.7*22.5mm
  • Quad poles design
  • Bottom air hole
  • 510 connection center pin

MOD Features:

  • Connection threading 510
  • Dimension 90*47*26mm
  • Requires 18650 battery
  • Acetal Engineering Plastic (Delrin)

<p>Nathan is the founder of and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.</p>

  • Chris Vhfan 05/10/2015

    Wow, that really is “vaping cheap” , especially if it works well . I can’t figure out why Manufacturers don’t bring more bottom feeder mods to market , i think they would sell like crazy.

    Thanks Nathan

  • Daniel LaDue 05/10/2015

    Not something I’ll be buying, but that is still cool as hell. The companies are all starting to think outside the box. Some goofy ideas will produce some gimmicky products, but that leads to innovation. The only reason I haven’t invested into dripping yet is because I don’t want to pull out a bottle every few mins, and this is a creative solution.

    • Jennifer 05/11/2015

      I wouldn’t say this is gimmicky since the squonking boxes have been out since before the mass produced high wattage devices. I almost got one before I got my custom boxes but the prices were rather high and the RDAs were very limited. My only set back now is that it’s mechanical & I’ve gotten spoiled by my dual 18650 high wattage regulated between finding a sweet spot every time, not limited to what coils I can make (the more creative coils take longer to heat up & will kill battery life), & I don’t have to change my batteries as often. Since a bottle, 2 batteries, & hardware would make such a huge device I don’t see it happening anytime soon but maybe in the future!

      Also, dripping doesn’t require dripping every few minutes unless you are chain vaping at low ohms & high watts. You just have to be aware of what you need in a dripper. I always make sure my drippers have a decent size juice well. I also build wider coils so I can use more cotton & it holds juice longer. Also, for me, changing my cotton out regularly every couple days helps too. Fresher cotton holds juice better. It’s definitely a learning process that isn’t for everyone.

      Another choice you have is an RBA like a Kayfun, Orchid, or even the Kanger Subtank Mini with the RBA deck. It’s as close to dripping without dripping. You build your coils & the vacuum tank feeds your cotton slowly. They too take some practice to get used to though.

  • Larry 05/13/2015

    Will this fire regular tanks/drippers too or just BF drippers? Obviously I mean without using the built-in bottle.

  • aikanae 05/16/2015

    The whole point of a bottom feeder is you don’t need to buy a seperate tank since it’s already in the bottom – so why even think about a kayfun or whatever? It’s the best of all worlds; drip flavor with juice supply. Probably not something cloud chasers want, but for anyone else who are vaping to stay off cigs, these are awesome. Any dripper taking air in from the bottom can be used and most can be easily modified.

  • Mark Boerboom 05/23/2015

    The air holes are not drilled out all of the way and missing the screws to tighten down the coils. Anyone know what size screws these are and where to get them?


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