SMOK Xpro M22 Mod – $32.99

SMOK Xpro M22

Smoktech Xpro M22 Box Mod

The Xpro M22 box mod from Smoktech is now available at Madvapes for only $32.99 plus shipping. Get free shipping on orders over $100 dollars.

The Xpro M22 is a compact and very affordable box mod made from aluminum and zinc alloy. It can be operated in mechanical mod mode where the power is not regulated so you can sub-ohm or a variable wattage mod. When you in variable wattage mod the output power can be adjusted from 6 to 22 watts in 0.1 watt increments. The Xpro M22 is powered by an internal 2200mah battery that you can charge via the micro USB port. In variable wattage mod you are limited to 1.0 ohm atomizer or higher but in mechanical mode you can use atomizers below 1.0 ohm. You probably don’t want to go below 0.5ohms on this device.

Smoktech has released three different box mods in the “Xpro M” series, in addition to the Xpro M22 they also have a Xpro M50 and the Xpro M36. Click the device name for more information or the “See all SMOK Xpro Mods here” button below.

Buy an Xpro M22 fro $32.99 here

See all SMOK Xpro Mods here

Xpro M22 Features:

  • Made from Aluminum alloy and Zinc alloy
  • Variable Wattage from 6 to 22 watts in 0.1 increments
  • Mechanical  Mode and Variable Wattage Mode
  • Spring Loaded Brass Pin For High Current
  • Built-in 2200mah 16A battery
  • High quality OLED display screen
  • Atomizer Resistance:  1.0 ohm to 4.0 ohm
  • Sub ohm vaping applicable at Mechanical mode
  • DC-DC flat signal output
  • High temperature protection
  • Dimension: 22*38*85mm

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  • J. Nason 01/12/2015

    I like how it goes into Mech Mod Too, That’s Cool.. Just wish it Fired Down to say .4 in VV/VW Mode, Then I’d buy it in a Heartbeat. If it were $25 I’d buy it as is probably, but at the same price as the Cloupor Mini I went with the Mini!!! Glad I did as the Reviews seem Quite Decent.

  • Jeremy Miller 01/18/2015

    Did anyone ever order one of these? Or vape one?

    I had just ordered one of these for my buddy, and I’m curious of which tank people prefer to use on them.

    He’s not into dripping just yet, so if anyone has any suggestions for this question I’d greatly appreciate it. Also as well he’ll just be using a “pre-built” coil tank on it, with a coil at 2.2-1.8 ohms.



    • Robert 01/30/2015

      I have one. I use it on mechanical mode. .5 subohm dual coil. Vaping around 22 watts. Big clouds. Great purchase. I put my Vamo v5 to bed and have been using this nonstop. Love it.

      • Jeremy Miller 01/30/2015

        Robert, thanks for the information.

        I’ve had boughten 3 of these mods, and not one of the 3 were mine. I wanna get one so bad just because it turns into the mech mod. I’ve recently laid my hana mod with the kanger sub-tank down, and picked up my sigelei 100watt plus & the Atlantis sub tank. Talk about blasting with flavors, Rob. It’s one heck of a mix.


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