Xpro BT50 Box Mod by SMOK – $95.00 USA

SMOK Xpro BT50 Mod

SMOK Xpro BT50

50 Watt Box Mod

Here’s some new pre-orders for the Xpro BT50, this device is Smoktechs latest e-cigarette with Bluetooth technology. I have 2 pre-orders both ship from the USA, one is $95 with $2 shipping and the other is $99.99 with free shipping and handling.

The SMOK Xpro BT50 is a box mod e-cigarette made from aluminum. It incorporates a 50 watt high output chip-set with Bluetooth technology to create one of the most advances e-cigarettes on the market today. Basically it’s the box mod version of the SMOK Bec Pro electronic cigarette.

The device is variable wattage from 6 – 50 watts in 1 watt increments and is able to power atomizers with a resistance load as low as 0.2ohm’s. The side of the mod has an extra large firing switch for comfortable operation, a LED screen, a plus and minus key, and a reset button. The base has a micro USB port for charging and data transfer and a battery vent hole. The 510 connection on the top of the mod has a spring-loaded floating center pin and a juice well surrounding the connection.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Xpro BT50 allows user to connect the device to their iPhone or android phone using a special “BT50 Xpro” app. Using the app you can track and record usage information like how many puffs you take each day. You can also adjust the power output in volts or watts, get low battery warnings, and even place the device in “mechanical mod” mods. The Xpro BT50 measures 89mm tall by 47.5mm wide by 25.5mm deep and will be available in 5 different colors.

$98.99 USA  $99.99 USA

NOTE: You CAN NOT cancel your order on the Focal eCig pre-order so make sure you really want one before you order.

Xpro BT50 Features:

  • Made from aluminum with Anodic Oxidation Process
  • Intelligent LED display screen displays: battery capacity, wattage, voltage, reistance
  • Spring loaded 510 center pin
  • Constant wattage from 0.2ohm to 3.0ohm even at 50 watts
  • Sub-ohm vaping, fires as low as 0.2ohm
  • Operate by Xpro BT50 and cellphone
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Suitable  for Android 4.3 plus and IOS 6.0 plus
  • High  frequency flat signal
  • App approved in apple store
  • Emergency restart button
  • Extra large button for comfort
  • Micro charger port can be used to charge by USB cord
  • Special battery vent hole at base
  • Measures 89mm x 47.5mm x 25.5mm

Screen of Xpro BT50

Xpro 50 watt box Mod

Xpro BT50 Bluetooth App

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  • Cherry 10/01/2014

    What type of battery system does this have ?

    • Nicole Lea 10/24/2014

      It uses a single 18650 battery, which should have at least a 20A rating to support up to 50 watts

    • jeremy 09/23/2015

      it uses a 18650 battery. i have the box mod so just thought i would add my info

  • Amanda/IL 10/12/2014

    #5 on their pics……….. If that’s what I think & we can set to “ramp up” or warm up the coil pre-vape or as you begin vaping… (like on P3 provari) … Omg, can’t wait! 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  • Keith Young 10/23/2014

    This mod looks awesome hope I can check one of these advanced mods out some day

  • [email protected] 02/05/2015

    i have had mine for a few months now. I luv it but do have a few real complaints. the blue tooth is flaky and drops and the device has no apparent memory so if you are not connected you do not get the data it is gone. should be buffered on device if you ask me as it is a very cool feature and works awesome when it is connected. I also wonder about software updates Solid device and I trust it enough to charge it with battery made if that tells you anything about its construction. looks very well built so high marks for that! different length screws are a little silly but work fine as long as you remember long on top lol I do prefer screws to magnets just personal preference. wish they would make a 100+ watt or dual battery version as I seem to be doing more in the 20 to 35 watt range which can drain them pretty quick… usually run my lemo .5 ohm around 25 -35 and makes it to late afternoon at worst so not bad.

  • jeremy 09/17/2015

    i have the BT50 as well. i have had mine for about 9 months now. and i do like it. however i dont really understand the bluetooth because i dont have a device to connect it to. i have 3 18650 batteries that i switch out when 1 dies so i dont have to worry as long as i remember to charge them as they die. i run it with an .5 ohm atomizer in my aspire atlantis. it works great… or should i say it used to work great… now all it does now is show ( check atomizer ) on the display screen.
    i have charged all three batteries and tried each of them. i have changed the atomizer and filled the tank. but that has not done anything to improve the issue. im going to let it sit for a few hours and hope. but im getting kinda pissed i cant use it.
    does anyone have any info?


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