SM Semovar V3 Clone (Tetris Edition)

Semovar V3 Clone Tetris edition

Clone Coming Soon

Attention Kayfun clone lovers, the Svoemesto Semovar V3 variable voltage/wattage APV has finally been cloned! The SM Semovar V3 is a modular designed variable voltage/wattage (3-6v/5-15W) device made by the original creator of the Kayfun rebuildable atomizer series, Svoemesto. Upon the original Semovars release to the market in late 2013, there were immediate comparisons being made to the APV classic the Provari. Both APV’s share many things in common, a one button mention system, similarly designed display screens, tube mod body styling, and most notably comparable price tags.

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The original Svoemesto Semovar V3 features a Nivel chip with both variable voltage and variable wattage capabilities. The Semovar v3 base kit included only one 18650 battery device, with the option to purchase separately additional battery Tetris Edition Authentictubes (18350/500), and top caps of varying diameter sizes to accommodate different atomizers. The base kit was priced at approximately $160 USD, and $35 for each additional battery tube, or top cap.

In March 2014 Svoemesto released the Semovar V3 Tetris Edition, which featured a tile puzzle style body engravings in honor of the 30 year anniversary of the Russian designed and programmed video game Tetris. The Semovar v3 Tetris Edition was made available as a full extended kit only which included all three 18xxx series battery tubes and all three top caps (Kayfun hybrid cap not included). What was more interesting is that the Semovar V3 Tetris Edition was not made available for sale or shiped to the United States and was limited to the USSR customers only.

The SM Semovar V3 Tetris Edition 1:1 clone made by Shenzhen Limwell Industrial Co., LTD, and Shenzhen Psmoke Limited (sister companies under the same factory) and it will soon be available for sale in the United States . Shenzhen Limwell is the same manufacturer of the recent Gi2 100W mod clone, and the Kato Square box clone which I also recently reviewed. The SM Semovar V3 Tetris edition clone is a 1:1 replication of the authentic, for which the 15W protype has already been completed.

The clone is scheduled to complete production of the first batch within the next 10-20 days. What is certain is that the SM Semovar V3 Tetris Edition clone will house a chip set made by Psmoke, who also made the chip found in the Gi2 clone. The basic menu functions will be the same as provided by the Nivel chip in the authentic SM Semovar V3. The final clone will also be packaged as a full extended set which will include the following:

  • Sëmovar in 18650 mode with 22mm topcap and special deep engravings
  • 18500 tube with special deep engravings
  • 18350 tube with special deep engravings
  • 18mm topcap
  • 14mm topcap

*The device pictured in the following photos are of the actual clone beta unit.

Semovar V3 collage 1

With the recent success of the Eleaf Istick 20W APV, it is clear that there is great consumer interest in APV’s of a more modest variable wattage capacity. One of the main benefits of keeping the Semovar V3 clone within a 15W maximum range is better battery life. At present the market is reaching a point of saturation with all of the new extreme high watt APV’s being released, which quite frankly do not speak to every segment of the consumer market. For the sake of balance, the market needs this clone… I mean, dedicated Vamo users need love too.

Based on wholesale pricing you should expect to see the SM Semovar V3 Tetris Edition clone retailing for $80-100 USD. The clone has not yet been shipped out for sale as per both Psmoke and Limwell, and is not expected to do so for at least another 10days. Keep an eye out for my product review of the SM Semovar V3 Tetris Edition clone, because you know there will be one. 🙂

Buy the Semovar V3 Tetris Edition Clone Here

Original Semovar V3 Technical features (Same expected for clone)

  • Direct-current voltage (not pulsed)
  • Atomizers down to one Ohm can be used
  • Versatile and customizable through modular design
  • 510 connections with adjustable plus terminal
  • Galvanized connections for better conductivity
  • Hybrid connection for Kayfun V3/ V3.1 possible (accessory needed)
  • Completely demountable, thus easy to maintain
  • Bottom cap adjustable for better conductivity
  • Cache saves user settings through exchanging the battery
  • Vapetime counter (experienced user may be able to diagnose batteries with it)

Technical data

  • Broadband voltage: 3,0 Volt – 6,0 Volt.
  • Maximum power: 15 Watts.
  • Lowest working resistance: 1,0 Ohm.
  • Maximum amperage: 3.0A – 3.5A
  • Display: bipartite seven-segment display and illuminated switch via LED. Reverse battery protection with additional LED
  • Controls: button.
  • Variable voltage mod, 0,1V steps
  • Variable wattage mode, 0,2W steps from 3-10W, 0,5W steps from 10-15W
  • Sleep mode: On/Off via 3 fast clicks on the switch.
  • Shows battery charge with and without firing in the menu.
  • Battery status can be displayed while usage.
  • Brightness of display illumination adjustable in 5 shades.
  • Ohmmeter


Semovar collage 2

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  • Matt Dyer 10/14/2014

    I am a little fuzzy on how you could hybrid a kayfun 3 series. I have a 3.1 clone sitting in front of me, and while I understand you could hybrid using the threading for the bottom compartment, where does that leave the leaked juice? While I have never had a leaking issue with my 3.1, there is always at least a few drops in there after 2 tanks worth of juice.


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