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Skeleton Key Mod Clone

Skeleton Key Mod

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If you arrived at this page looking for a clone of the Skeleton mod I may have to disappoint you. Even though a number of companys produced a Skeleton Key clone your’e going to have a hard time finding one. The legal team behind Skeleton Key is going after any vendor that tries to sell them so company’s like Fasttech only listed the clone for a few days before they removed the listing.

I think part of this is due to the fact they they not only have Trademarks on the Name “Skeleton Key” and the logos for the device but that also have patents on its unique locking mechanism. It seems like a great mechanical mod but there marketing team isn’t going to convince me the Skeleton Key is worth $500 – $1,000 bucks no matter how mysterious the make the creator “Marquis” seem.

The Skeleton Key by Marquis is an interesting mechanical mod that embodies the essence and mystery of an authentic renaissance palace key of 16th century France. Most of us can’t afford the $550 or $1,999 dollar price tag but due to the attack on the clones your probably going to have to cough up the big bucks if you want to enjoy this mod.

The most unique feature of the Skeleton Key mod is it’s floating locking ring mechanism that can spin 260 degrees either way by 1/8th rotations. Inside the mod there’s a dual telescopic top pin so your atomizer will sit flush and you can eliminate any battery rattle. The battery contacts are silver plated copper for excellent conductivity. Included with this mod are two extension tubes so you can use either 18350, 18550, or 18650 batteries to power this mod.

Below you can find information on the features of both the original and the clone versions.

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Or visit the creators website:

Top Cap Assembly of Skeleton Key Clone

Top Cap Assembly

Switch Assembly of Skeleton Key Clone

Top Cap


Switch Assembly

Clone Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 510 Threaded connection
  • double telescopic silver plated copper pins
  • Silver contact battery contacts
  • Plated silver pins to be good conductivity.
  • Adjustable spring switch
  • Lock protect system  with floating locking ring that can spin 360 degrees either way by 1/8 turns
  • Adjustable throw button
  • Extension tubes for use with 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries

Original Skeleton Key Features:

  • Manufactured in California by Skeleton Key
  • Constructed from Solid 303 Grade Stainless Steel with Brass Components
  • Mechanical Device
  • Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
  • Spring-Loaded Bottom-Firing Switch
  • Floating Magnetic Locking Ring with 360 Degree Action and Image Indicator
  • Artwork Drawn by “Marquis”
  • Diameter: 23mm
  • Laser Engravings
  • Serialized
  • Battery Tubes: 18350, 18490 (Extension), 18650 (Extension)
  • Engraved Metal Authenticity Card
  • Luxury Packaging and Storage Box


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  • G.... 09/15/2014

    The pics at FocaleCig are in generic format, meaning no Key or lazer engraving, shown, but if you look closely at the pictures of the switch and some of the other components shown you will see hints of the engraving especially the pics of the switch area.
    These are most likely made by Phimis technology but I just now saw that Phimis has also taken theirs down off their site, the Keys people are all over everyone selling these,
    This is another V3 Flip and Hana type issue.
    These are as 1:1 as I’d ever know since I’ve never seen or held an original and I’d suspect the engraving on an original would be much better but the switch on these is the most interesting and best locking function I’ve ever seen so you’d better get them fast the Keys people will be going after FocaleCig probably tomorrow if not today, I’ve watched this happening
    This price is only a few dollars less than what I paid State side, but they are great mods,
    Bye the way watch out for people really jacking the prices on these, like this site, Same product but for $92, ya no kidding or the guy $75 Their around and the opportunists are really jacking up the prices.
    I personal bought 10 of these and ya that thought crossed my mind, why else would I buy 10?
    Because I got a good price and I heat color mods, I also put them together as a complete kit currently with a Vulcan RDA and case then I jack the price, by the way the Vulcan looks awesome on this mod..!
    Good luck

  • sliM 09/16/2014

    Photos aren’t blacked out on focal’s site; the whole graphic is non-existent. They must just be logoless then, yeah? Do you think that this is they’re version of copyright protection?

  • Tim 10/03/2014

    Good for the guys going after these scum bags for stealing their ideas. Sure the original ones are expenisive but if you knew exactly what went into the design and manufacturing of them you might think different. Putting a price on someones time and labor is just wrong. Were not talking about some clone mod that was made by 13 year olds in an assembley line. This is a guy with a small machine shop producing as many as he can most pinkly with one or two guys helping him. If you can’t afford the real thing then theirs always cheaper authentic mods out there as well. Quit buying crap from China for $2.00 and start supporting your local B & M and some American companies. Hopefully more guys start bringing these scum bags down for stealing their hard earn money.

    • yeah right 11/01/2014

      lol, id never buy anything made in the USA coz its crap like the cars they make (at least they are cheap), clones are as good as the original and just coz they guy paid lots of money to design and manufacture its his personal lost for going into a business like this maybe next time he will think before.

  • Ian 10/25/2014

    all the skeleton key clone pic in fb have been removed because the owner reported to them

  • no 11/01/2014

    Sounds more like an ad for the original I wanted one of these but screw that price tag


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