Sigelei Mini Zmax E-Cig Mod – $17.28 USA

Sigelei Mini Zmax

Variable Wattage e-Cig

Here’s a killer deal on the Mini Zmax Mod by Sigelei. You can get one of these variable wattage e-cigarettes for only $17.28 when you use coupon code “YEAHBABY” for 10% off.

The Mini Zmax is a variable voltage and wattage e-cigarette, you can adjust the output from 3.0 to 6.0 volts or 3 – 15 watts. It has an OLED screen that can measure you atomizers resistance (ohm) level, display output power, and battery level. Check out all the features of this device below.

This deal will sell out quickly so it you want one you better buy it quickly. You can choose from black, light blue, pink, red, or silver.

Coupon Code: YEAHBABY

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Zmax Mini Features:

  • Adjust Voltage 3.0V to 6.0V in 0.1V increments
  • Adjust Power 3.0W to 15W in 0.5 Watt increments
  • 4A Output Limit
  • Uses an 18350 battery
  • OLED Displays Output Voltage, Output Power, Resistance, Battery Voltage, Power On/Off, LCD On/Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection below 1.2ohms
  • Low Voltage Protection below 3.4V
  • 510 & eGo connection – Fits all 510 devices and some eGo devices such as the EVOD
  • RMS & Mean Voltage setting for proper test settings if desired with proper equipment

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  • Patrick 09/12/2014

    Still shows as $45.49 for me (without the coupon code).

  • Patrick 09/12/2014

    Kind of a bummer that the e-mail went out after the item was sold out though…sigh.

  • Jamie 09/12/2014

    I ordered mine yesterday afternoon and I had to email this morning that it was already set out. hopefully they will restock! now I just have to find a good 18350 battery and charger to go along with it.

  • Wendy 01/20/2015

    Does it come with the battery in it

  • Amy Blaze 01/20/2015

    Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You, Nathan!’, for putting together these deals for vapors.


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