A Sigelei 213 Review: No Cons 4 This (Innovative) High Power Mod!

Sigelei is a brand that’s been creating for some increased buzz and talk in the vaping community lately, and a lot of this has had to do with the company’s latest product - the Sigelei Fuchai 213. The 213 is the latest mod that the company’s released, and it’s shaped up to be a pretty stellar product.

The Sigelei may not be a household name just quite yet for all who vape, but after finishing up my Sigelei Fuchai 213 review, it really should be. The company hit some rough waters with the initial launch of the 213, but the mod in its current version is one heck of a product.

It’s powerful, sleek, and extremely capable. Straight off the bat I’m impressed by the size, it may be the smallest dual 18650 mod out there… I’m super excited to see how she rolls!

With all of this being the case, is this the mod to get? Or are you better spending your money with other brands to get a powerful and stylish mod? Keep reading this Fuchai 213 Plus review to find out!

​Our Rating

sigelei 213 review

It’s a bit difficult to summarize my entire Sigelei 213 Fuchai review in one single paragraph, but the best way for me to describe the mod is something that’s ridiculously powerful with an supremely sleek and stylish design.

The 213 is one of the more powerful mods I’ve gotten to play with, and all of that power also comes with excellent vapor/flavor, great battery life, and so much more.

There sure is a lot to talk about here, so let’s get into it.


  • ​Runs on dual 18650 batteries
  • ​88 x 44 x 29mm
  • ​Carbon Fiber, Zinc Alloy and Aluminum
  • ​Wattage Range 10 - 213W
  • ​Temp range 200 -570 Fahrenheit
  • ​Voltage input 6.4 - 8.4V
  • ​Voltage Output 1.0 - 7.5V
  • ​VW, TC, TCR, TFR modes
  • ​TC Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • Resistance 0.1 - 3.0 Ohm
  • In mod charging (Micro USB)
  • OLED Screen


Sleek, Stylish, And Sturdy

To kick off my Sigelei Fuchai 213 Plus review, let’s talk about build quality and design. There are tons of good-looking and well-built mods that you can currently buy, and while it’s becoming increasingly difficult for mods to do this, Sigelei has somehow found a way around this with the Fuchai 213.

The Fuchai 213 is available in a handful of different colors, and the overall look that’s present here is extremely sleek and stylish. The overall aesthetics are quite subdued and laid back, but this creates for a mod that looks quit elegant. And where it lacks in flashy design, the 213 easily makes up for that with a great handling experience.

One issue that Sigelei had with the first version of the 213 had to do with a weak battery door, but thankfully that issue appears to have finally be fixed. The battery door on the latest version of the 213 feels incredibly secure and sturdy, and this can really be said about the entire mod. The Fuchai 213 offers a tank-like design and build construction in addition to its good looks, and this is a combination that I’m an absolute sucker for.

This mod is incredibly sexy, sleek and minimalist. A mean looking Carbon fiber wrap with a sweet looking gunmetal zinc alloy finish…I’ve got the black one and it just looks and feels like quality in my hand, that is a huge change for Sigelei and I’m impressed. It fits perfectly in hand, incredibly small for the dual 18650 carriage and a really great width on top for fitting just about any sized tank.

Everything feels really solid, from the firing button to the battery door at the bottom. The CF reinforcement on this thing really makes a difference, it’s so solid, doesn’t scratch doesn’t dent…it’s an armored mod and I dig it to death!

I also like the positioning of the OLED screen and control buttons, on the same panel as the charge port and fire but situated on the face and not on the side. the way everything is grouped together here makes for an incredible minimalist look all round. All edges are rounded and beautifully finished. I can’t fault the exterior design.

Comprehensive Display

A wealth of info is squeezed into the bright OLED screen, including battery charge, firing sag and amperage.

Easy Controls:

Really simple menu and control make operating this beast super easy!


The TC chip supports Titanium, Nickel and various Stainless Steels. It also features a host of adjustable TCR and TFR settings. This is an awesome, high powered and versatile device on which to test out your RTAs with a variety of builds.

Innovative Power Up Function:

This is a really handy innovation from Sigelei…a Preheat setting will allow you to coordinate specific Ramp times with various power settings. For example, you can coordinate a 2 second 100W burst with one of your normal lower settings so that your ramp time will decrease for that setting. Once you get used to it it’s seriously fun to use and not just one of those so called ‘innovations’ that’s really just a novelty! No other mods have this, so Sigelei has really done us a service with this innovation.

Battery Change:

I love the hinged and spring loaded battery door, conveniently placed on the bottom of the mod. Plus, should you want to charge in-mod, the port is on the side so you can still stand your mod up straight.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Another area where Sigelei improved the new version of the 213 over the old one has to do with battery life. The former Fuchai 213 didn’t offer necessarily poor battery life, but Sigelei went ahead and improved it even more with the latest release of the 213. Even when using the mod at higher wattages and temperatures, you can still expect some good endurance out of this thing.

Quality of Vape

One big highlight for me while working on the Sigelei Fuchai 213 temperature control box mod review has to do with just how great the vapor and flavor quality is with the Fuchai 213. This is an area that Sigelei has been proving their expertise in with their latest products, and it’s very much so evident with the new Fuchai 213.

I started with a Coilart Mage RDTA with a prebuilt stainless setup for this review, so that I could test out the TC and VW modes. The flavor was off the hook and the vapor production out of this world. The Preheat setting function allowed me to customize my vape and optimize Ramp time.

Performance is next level on this war machine, although I didn’t care to explore the far upper range as I’m not 100% confident that a dual battery mod can reach that maximum wattage of 213W.

The flavor you’re able to get out of this mod tastes nice and smooth without being too powerful, and the vapor clouds you can create also manage to get quite big with the right settings applied.

These might sound like simple things, but being able to get a mod that excels with a nice design, great battery life, and awesome flavor and vapor quality really does create for the perfect trifecta.


I can’t fault it, honestly. This is a killer mod!

Top Features of Sigelei 213

Doing this review, I soon concluded that with this release, specifically with the added Preheat function (that I cannot stop playing with), Sigelei has proven itself as not just an incredible high powered mod brand, with the ability to squeeze a bunch of power and function into a sleek, tiny, sexy package…they’ve also proven themselves as notable innovators in their class!


I was blown away first by the look and feel, then by the compatibility, then by the innovation and then by the performance of this mod.

I would highly recommend it for any vaping geek who wants a mod on which to test their sub-Ohm build skills and any vaper at all who want’s all the power you could get out of 2 x 18650’s, squeezed into a beautiful machine, with an impressive list of functions. The preheat function that the brand has introduced us to opens up a whole new dimension for tinkerers to explore and I give serious vaping kudos to Sigelei, at the end of this Sigelei 213W TC Mod Box review.

If you want to learn a little more about the functions on this beast, check out this video.

Sarah is an avid vaper dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. She strives to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.




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