Rose V3 RBA Atomizer – $20.45 China

Rose V3 RBA

Rose V3 RBA

RTA Tank Atomizer

A new updated version of the Rose RBA clone is now avaliable for purchase at Fasttech. Get the Rose v3 for only $20.45 with free world-wide shipping included.

UPDATE: Nicole, our Rose RBA expert, has says the Rose V3 is horrible so you may want to check out this new Rose V2 Deal.

The Rose is a rebuildable tank atomizer originally created by Eden Mods. It’s a unique atomizer designed to run dual-coil builds and to produce better flavor than any other RBA. For more information on this atomizer read our Rose V2 review. If your interested in the V2 instead of the V3 see our Rose V2 deals.

The Rose V3 clone is very similar to the Rose v2, I’m not even 1005 sure there different. I’m beginning to think Chinese vendors are just adding different “new” versions to try to sell more products. The deck on the Rose v3 is made for dual-coil builds and has an optional ceramic coil cup. A sliding airflow control ring allows user to select the perfect amount of airflow for the best flavor.

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Rose V3 Features:

  • Removable drip tip
  • Single coil or dual coil configurations – Single coil with 2 wicks or 2 coils with a wick each
  • Sliding airflow control ring
  • Ceramic coil cup – You can choose to not use the coil cup if you prefer
  • Remove the top cap to fill with your favorite e-juice
  • 510 connection with adjustable brass center pin
  • 22mm diameter
  • Height excludes the mouthpiece and connector: 48.4mm
  • Laser engravings

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  • Hartoled 11/04/2014

    This is not the droid you are looking for.

    Sorry…Couldn’t resist.

    No tools or way to use them, if you had them, to remove the base. No juice control. Chimney is Kayfun style sealing, so top filling is the only way to get juice in.

    If a 510 drip tip and a few millimeters off the length are enough to make up for those sacrifices, you might like this.

  • mahsta 11/04/2014

    Definitely differences like no juice flow control, no stand which is also the tool you need to remove the base every time. The shape of the deck cap is stumpy and different. Definitely a step down from the rose v2

  • Nicole Lea 11/04/2014

    This “Rose V3” is wrong on so many levels. First of all there is no such thing as a Rose V3, this is a Chinese invention and they totally ruined the design with this. No more juice control, and added tiny slots for e-liquid to feed. If you want a proper Stumpy kit for the Rose V2 with juice control, Focalecig has the 1:1 stumpy kit. Received mine yesterday and it is mint!


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