Reo Grand Clone Box Mod $25.62

Reo Grand Mech Box

Reo Grand Style Mechanical Box Mod

Squonkers are coming back! This Reo Grand style mechanical box mod is now available for presale at GearBest for just $25.62. Don’t miss out on this steal for a great mechanical box mod.

Vapers love the convenience of being able to squeeze their box and saturate their cotton. Squonkers provide that opportunity to the users, making them a popular alternative to traditional box mods. This Reo Grand Style box mod is the perfect squonker for anyone looking to veer away from dripping every four or five puffs without losing that RDA feel.

The Reo Grand style box mod is completely mechanical. No chip, no worries. Another great aspect of this deal is that the box is nearly indestructible. As GearBest so eloquently put it, the box can take a beating, and a washing too.

This Reo Grand style mechanical box mod runs off of one 18650 battery, has a 6mL bottle on board, and is milled out of block aluminum. This box mod is definitely a great deal. You should not let this one slip away. Make sure to place an order for yours through GearBest. And as always, vape on.

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Reo Grand Features

  • REO 18650 (Grand) style mechanical box mod
  • A personal vaporizer milled out of block aluminum
  • 100% mechanical, this means no wires
  • One nearly indestructible unit that can take a beating, and a washing too
  • Carries a 6ml bottle on board that holds your e-juice, and runs on one 18650 3.7 volt battery(not included)
  • You can use cartomizers disposable atomizers and some of the small rebuildable atomizers

I am a vape enthusiast that lives in Charlotte, NC. I have been vaping for about three years now, and I have been working in the industry for a little over a year. I started working in the industry in order to help people get off the stinky's, and what better way to do that than by bringing vapers the best deals possible?

  • Chris vhfan 06/20/2015

    I really hope we can get the #’s up for this pre order to make it become a reality , seems the water is being tested to gauge interest but the last time i looked it only had around 170 people.

    For those that will settle for nothing less than the ultimate flavor on ever hit (squonk) lol .

    This will make many people forget about everything they have and become die hard REO fans because a lot of new ones don’t even know what they are about.

    This is as good as it gets for pure flavor folks , for this price get on that pre order because you will spend close to $200.00 for an authentic.

  • Aaron Delavwrgne 06/21/2015

    Where can I find a good squonker atty. I’m on the reo buy ,but where to find an atty?

    • Trey 07/11/2015

      I found a Velocity style bottom fed Atty on eBay. You can find one or two on Fasttech but they look sub-par.

  • John 08/17/2015

    You can find attys modified by Chowderhead72 on the thread Catfish Atty Mods on ECF. Problem is they’re more money than this clone.


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