Rampage RDA Clone $12.08

Rampage RDA Clone

A clone of the Rampage competition dripping atomizer is now available at Focalecig for only $12.08 when you use coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP” for 5% off.

The authentic Rampage RDA is made by Golden Armour and retails for around $140 dollars. It’s designed for tri-coil builds with three inner positive posts and three outer negative posts. One unique feature of the Rampage RDA is the “umbrella” that screws in to place between the center posts. It sits inside the chamber and improves your vape in a number of ways; it distributes ejuice evenly to all the coils, it enhances the flavors, and it also helps prevent spit back.

The Rampage Clone is a 1:1 copy of the authentic and even has the Golden Armour logo engraved into the side. Included with the RDA you get a wide bore delrin drip tip and a delrin 510 drip tip adapter for use with normal 510 drip tips. It has two airflow control rings, one controls three air holes below the coils for flavor and the other adjusts two large air holes at the coils for vapor. Other features of the Rampage RDA Clone include a copper 510 center pin, deep juice well, and heat sink fins on the top cap to keep the atomizer cool.


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Rampage Clone Features:

  • Comes with an ultra wide bore Drip tip (15mm) black delrin
  • Made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • 2 layers of AFC; Bottom AFC is for flavor while the upper AFC is to produce more vapor
  • Total of 5 air holes that can be opened all at the same time
  • 3 bottom airholes 6 x 1.5mm each
  • 2 upper air holes 10 x 1.5mm each
  • Deep juice well 6.5mm
  • Y shaped positive block with 3 holes and 3 solid negative poles.
  • Built for multiple coil builds
  • Has a 15mm “fan shaped” peek insulator embedded in the juice well that also acts as a counter measure to avoid the positive pole from spinning.
  • Comes with an umbrella like chamber dome that is threaded into the positive pole to enhance the flavor even if all 5 AH’s are open. Also serves as a guide to ensure that the juice will flow directly to the coils. Lastly, it’s an anti spitback protection as well.

A video review of the authentic Rampage RDA

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  • scottsbarnard 04/08/2015

    The hype is real about the Rampage…. been vaping on it for the past 3 days, and I see my Dark Horse collecting dust for the future. Vapor and flavor has been unmatched by any other dripper I own. Well worth the investment!!!!

  • TxPacket 04/08/2015

    Inner… Not enter – where posts are concerned 🙂 I am not trying to be a spelling Nazi, but at first I thought that you were describing a new wire method! (ya.. I’m blonde, sue me lol)

  • Donovan 04/08/2015

    nice voice dick fart

  • Andy 04/09/2015

    Site keeps crashing or just doesn’t load.. This happen often or to anyone else?


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