Project Sub-Ohm “Suitcase” IPV V2 – $94.99 USA

Suitcase IPV2 Box Mod

Suitcase IPV2 Box Mod

50 Watt Box Mod

The improved Suitcase V2 box mod by Project Sub-ohm and 50 watt box mod by Project Sub-ohm and Pioneer4you is back in stock with a lower price.  Now you can get this 50 watt box mod for only $89.99 with free shipping and a free 10ml bottle of e-liquid. Just use coupon code “VC10” for 10% off.

The Suitcase is a special version of the IPV2 made by Pioneer4You and Project Sub-Ohm. It features the upgraded YoHi SX330 chip-set and is capable of up to 50 watts output on resistance loads as low as 0.2 ohms. This special version has a special Project Sub-Ohmâ„¢ Logo and “suitcase”â„¢ logo engraved into the body as well as a reverse serialized engraving starting with 1000.

It’s crazy that there selling the improved Suitcase mod for less than other vendors are selling the IPV2 mod, even lower-priced vendors are selling the IPV2 for $10 bucks. If you in the market for a 50 watt box mod this is your best bang for your buck.

Coupon Code: VC10



 Improvements Over “suitcase”â„¢ V1:

  • V1.2 Battery Slot has improved with Four Strong Screws replaced of the two scews on the V1
  • Battery Slot is more sturdy on V1.2
  • V1.2 has added battery string for ease of swapping your battery
  • V1.2 Outside battery panel screws are replaced with strong hexagon screw, the battery cover can now be taken off much easier and the fit and finish is much more sturdy
  • Upgraded material for batter craftsmanship

Product Features:

  • V1.2 Eliminated Auto Fire Due to E-Liquid touching the heat plate
  • V1.2 Improved the back cover screws for more rigid and sturdy c
  • Full Aluminum Body For rigidity!
  • Capable of firing 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm build
  • Capable of putting out 50 Watts of power!
  • Beautifully Engraved With Project Sub-Ohmâ„¢ Logo and “suitcase”â„¢ logo
  • Serialized (Reverse serialized starting from 1000, 999, 998 and so on)
  • Matches all other Project Sub-Ohmâ„¢ products

Product Specs:

  • Output Power: 7W – 50W
  • Output Voltage: 3.6V – 8.5V
  • Input Current: 1.3A – 20A
  • Input Voltage: 3.2V – 4.5V
  • Loading Resistance: 0.2 ohm – 3.0 ohm
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • High Input Voltage Warning
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Battery Protection

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