Panzer Mod Clone (Black Hawk) – $27 USA

Panzer Mechanical Mod Clone

Panzer Mod Clone

Mechanical Mod

Here’s a great eBay deal on the Panzer Mechanical mod. You can get the stainless steel version or the black hawk version for only $27 bucks, both come with free shipping. This is a great deal you won’t find it much cheaper even from China.

The original Panzer mod is made by MCV Philippines and sells for around $190 dollars. It’s design was inspired by a German World War 2 tank and has a very popular and unique look. Many different company’s have made clones of this device available in a number of different colors.

The base of the mod has a flush spring-loaded firing switch with engravings and a reverse threaded locking ring.  Inside the mod you will find copper plated battery contacts and a floating 510 center pin. The body of this mod has multiple tubes so you can use 18650, 18500, or 18350 batteries.

You can get a Black Hawk Panzer from China for $22.28 here.

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Panzer Clone Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Interchangeable tubes
  • Fits 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries
  • Copper top & bottom pins
  • Engraved top cap with Panzer MCV logo and hazard logo on top
  • Brass firing button with mask & serial number engraved on it
  • Vent holes in body

Here’s a video review of the Black Hawk Panzer clone you can get from Fasttech for $22.28 right here. I’m not sure if it’s the same one you can get on the ebay deal above but there probably pretty similar.

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  • Edward Ornstein 09/25/2014

    I have 2 Panzer clones I got from China. (Black Hawk) Both have Voltage drops over .45 Volts. I wont buy another unless I see a EH pro or Infinite,Tobego or Cigreen in the add.


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