Organic Cotton Wick USA Grown – $7.00 USA

Organic Cotton Wick for RBA's

Organic Cotton Wick

Organic RBA Wick

A few weeks ago I was looking for some high quality organic cotton to use a wicks in my RBA and I came across this USA grown organic cotton wick on eBay.

It’s kind of expensive at $7.00 a bag and you have to pick some plant materials out of it but it tastes amazing. The cotton taste is light and goes away pretty quickly compared to the other cotton balls I was using. I also feel that this stuff is truly pure organic cotton with no chemicals or processes added. Other companies just throw the term “organic” around.

I highly recommend this stuff if you want some pure cotton. After you try it let me know what you guys think.

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  • Carlo Cavallaro 06/18/2014

    Bought this over a month ago and I hate it. Gave it a fair try on multiple builds. The taste is horrible albeit does go away after while but I’m sticking to my store bought organic cotton which has never let me down and is way cheaper.

  • Carlo Cavallaro 06/19/2014

    Maybe I had a bad batch… It left a HORRIBLE taste.

    I just use any ol’ organic cotton you can pick up from your local pharmacy. Been using different brands for over 2 years and none has ever tasted like this did.


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