Orchid V4.0 RBA Clone – $7.59 China

Orchid V4 RBA

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

They just opened up a new group buy for an Orchid V4 RBA clone at Focal for an amazing price. Join the group buy and get one for only $7.59! That included free shipping!

The Orchid RBA has the same tank and chimney design as a Kayfun, the main difference between them is that the Orchid is designed for dual-coil builds instead of a single coil build like the Kayfun. The top cap has heat sink fins to help dissipate heat from the device and the v4 has a new tank design that looks exactly like a kayfun tank.

The base of the RBA has an adjustable 510 center pin and a screw fill-hole to easily fill up the tank. The deck has 4 wire terminals for dual-coil build and 4 wicking channels to ensure a wet wick. The Orchid V4 also features an adjustable copper 510 center pin

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Orchid V4 RTA Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable brass 510 center pin
  • Bottom screw fill-hole
  • Laser engraved Chimney
  • 4 Post design for dual-coil builds
  • 4 wicking channels
  • Top cap with heat sink fins
  • Clear tank section
  • Included 510 drip tip


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  • Jay Doornink 01/09/2015

    LOVE this RTA. Vapor production and flavor are excellent from this tank. Only complaint is that it doesn’t hold enough juice. I was filling mine 6-7 times per day

  • Jay 03/05/2015

    Where is this group buy for focalecig, and are their other group buys for this site, Really interested in the vapor flask clone, would love to see a group buy for that 😀

    • Jay 03/05/2015

      Found the group buy with a simple Google search for focalecig group buy, I would still love to see a group buy for the vapor flask DNA40 clone

  • Dimitry 03/05/2015

    Bought one at Focalecig a while back, love it. Last all day, easy build, no leaks if you bottom fill. This deal is awesome! Just ordered 3 more. The only issue I have is if you are not used to it, you will get some dry hitting. Practice makes perfect though.

  • VH fan 03/05/2015

    Link takes you to page but cannot complete the transaction , Focalecig shows payment anomaly even when completed with paypal.

    Surprisingly Malwarebytes flags the link as malicious , somethings not right lol.

    • Dimitry 03/06/2015

      Hey VH, my paypal payment gets the “payment anomaly” message as well, nevertheless my payment went through. Check through PayPal to make sure.


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