Oak-Leaf Hybrid Mod $22.47

Oak-Leaf Hybrid

Oak-Leaf Hybrid

The UDT V17 Oak-Leaf Hybrid mechanical mod is one of the most beautiful and versatile mechanical devices that I have ever seen. It is perfect for those vapers out there that want a stellar vaping experience without sacrificing from style. And at $22.47, this deal from VaporBeast cannot be beat.

The most amazing part of the Oak-Leaf Hybrid is its dual functionality. The device comes packaged with a built-in rebuildable dripping atomizer that is sure to satisfy your vaping needs. However, it doesn’t stop there. The Oak-Leaf Hybrid also comes with a 510 adapter so that you can pair it up with your favorite RDA or tank. With this dual functionality, the Oak-Leaf is sure to make even the most experienced vapers out there go nuts.

The Oak-Leaf Hybrid is made of 304 Food-Grade stainless steel & brass. It comes stock with two fitted tubes, allowing you to switch out between full-on 18650 mode and the stealthy 18350 mode. Again, this just goes to show the sheer versatility of this device.

With its phenomenal look and design, the UDT V17 Oak-Leaf Hybrid mechanical mod is sure to turn some heads and enhance your vaping experience. Make sure to get your hands on this great device while you still can. VaporBeast is offering this beautiful mech mod for just $22.47 only for a limited time so you better get it before it is too late. And as always, vape on.

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Oak-Leaf Features

  • 304 Food-Grade stainless steel & brass
  • Tubes for both 18350 & 18650 batteries
  • Height – 104.5mm
  • Diameter – 22mm
  • Bottom fire spring
  • Supports MAX 30A current
  • Additional 510 top cap
  • Includes the rebuildable dripping atomizer featured in pic.

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  • Curt 07/11/2015

    Good working mod when used with the 510 adaptor. The Atty however is a throwaway. Doesn’t come with any tools, won’t fit any 510 ohm readers, and it was tough to build on. I duplicated a build I put on one of my other 510 atty’s that clocked in at .52 ohms, but this Atty that came with this put out half the vape and the battery got hot fast. A note, there isn’t any vent holes in the mod that I can find, so I just don’t trust using this atty. But for a little over twenty bucks, the mod itself works quite well and is worth it as long as you trust your build on a different 510 rda and leave plenty of room between your battery’s amp output and your atty’s amp consumption.


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