Nuke RDA (3 Fans) $29.00

Nuke RDA

Check the new Nuke RDA made by iCloudcig! It’s now in stock and ready to ship for $29.00 plus free shipping through ebay seller coolthingssupply.

The Nuke RDA has a unique rounded shape and is advertised as having three turbine fans. I can see a fan on each side of the RDA but where is the third fan? Is it in the top cap like the Turbo RDA? The purpose of the turbine fans in the Nuke RDA is to create airflow turbulence, this increases both vapor and flavor.

The deck of the Nuke RDA has a three post design with a nice sized juice well. The center post is a “T” style post with two wire terminals and the negative posts are milled into the deck. The Nuke RDA also features heat-sink fins, stainless steel construction, and a copper 510 center pin.

Buyr for $24.95

Nuke RDA Features:

  • 3 PC Grade Plastic Turbine Wheels
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Available in Stainless Steel
  • Square Post to Prevent Spinning
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Milled Negative Posts
  • Heat Sinks
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 22mm Top / 510 Tip Interchangeable

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  • EvilBeast 05/02/2015

    Wow…just wow…I just knew the Turbo rda was going open up a can of worms lol…I wonder if this will become a trend and if it does what’s going to be next…? Oh and if you thought the Turbo was annoyingly loud just imagine how loud this’ll be heh.
    But hey it just might be a step in the right direction…but a step I definitely won’t be taking if it sounds like a kazoo every time I take a vape…

  • John Dearing 05/03/2015

    Awhile back madvapes featured a mod on their site that was a mechanical mod rda combo with an electric fan assist never saw a single review of it. I’m sure someone did one though. It didn’t have the whistle. I’ve seen a couple videos where they closed off the airflow holes a bit on the turbo and it produced clouds minus the kazoo sound.

  • Cheryl 08/31/2015

    i need the replacement fans and was wondering if you carry them
    also how much they may be as i have a nuke and only need the fans thank you


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