New Sigelei 35 Watt Mod, is a 100 Watt Mod Next?

Sigelei 35 watt Text

Sigelei 35 Watt Mod

Here are pictures of the new Sigelei 35w, China’s latest 35 watt e-cigarette with higher output than the DNA30.

Sigelei 35W Features

The Sigelei 35w looks similar to the Seven 22 e-cigarette mod. It’s powered by a 26650 battery and is 24.44mm in diameter and 104,86mm long. Other than being able to go up to 35 watts it will have the same features as the Seven 22 mod.

I’ll add more information on the Sigelei 35W soon.

How high can they go?

The fact is that China could produce a 100 watt e-cigarette mod if they wanted, but why would they want too. Then they would just have to make an e-cigarette with an even higher output wattage or something even better.

For example, the company Intel doesn’t make the most powerful processor there capable of producing. Instead every six months the release a processor that’s a little better than the previous one. If they produced and sold the most advanced processor that they were capable of making how would they sell you something new in 6 months?

These company’s need new products to sell, they benefit from selling consumers on small upgrades. Not the most advanced technology there capable of.

Right now the game is to see how slow they can increase the wattage and still have products consumers want.

20w, 22w, 30w, 35w…..

Sigelei 35W E-CIgarette Mod

Sigelei 35W E-CIgarette Mod

Sigelei 35W E-CIgarette Mod

Sigelei 35W E-CIgarette Mod

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  • Rob 05/27/2014

    Some of us are already vaping on devices capable of well over 100 watts. Those who are building their own box mods have been using 120 watt Raptor and OKL2 chips for quite awhile…

  • Cherry 09/01/2014

    I like the look ! Would love to review this to see how well it vapes


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