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Vape Deals Rating System

I have just added a 10 star vape deal rating system to every deal listed on Vaping Cheap. I thought it would be fun to allow users to rate how amazing or how crappy the deal are. The ratings will also show me what types of vape deals everyone likes so I can try to find similar or better deals.

Every vape deal will now have a 10 star rating system below the “Get This Deal” button to the right. To vote all you have to do is click on a star corresponding to the rating you want to submit, for example the 7th star is for a “Great” rating. Each user is only able vote one time to prevent abuse. See the picture and star rankings below.
Here are the star ratings:
1. Worst Deal Ever
2. Horrible
3. Bad
4. Nothing Special
5. It’s OK
6. Good
7. Great
8. Sweet Deal
9. Amazing
10. Orgasmic
As always please let me know what you think. If everyone really likes to rate the deals I’ll try to improve the rating system. You can either comment below or e-mail me.

Nathan is the founder of VapingCheap.com and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • Annette sergeant 08/29/2015

    Thank you all You have helped me more than I can put in words.I have a so called friend that in vapor wall..SHE is driving me crazy about them I’m the one that got her vaporizer ..I can’t think you enough.


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