Nectar Nano RDA Clone $6.76

Nectar Nano RDA

Nectar RDA Clone

If you are seeking a genesis style, flavor chasing RDA, look no further than the Nectar Nano clone from Focal ecig for only $6.76 with free shipping. They also have them at FastTech for just $9.97.

It is one of the best flavor atomizers out there with a juice reservoir, a small build deck, and low profile. The Nectar Nano RDA was built primarily to enhance any flavor or e-liquid that you put into it.

One of the biggest draws for the Nectar Nano RDA is that it has a small tank attached to the bottom of the build deck. The tank is small, but works the same way as a typical genesis-style atomizer, saturating your preferred wicking material up into the deck.

The Nectar Nano RDA only allows for a single coil use, making it strictly a flavor atomizer. The way that the Nectar is built makes it perfect for flavor preservation. Sorry, cloud chasers.

Make sure to get your hands on the Nectar Nano RDA clone so you can experience your favorite flavor in all its glory. And as always, vape on.

FC $6.76   FT $9.97

Nectar Clone Features:

  • It is a dripper with a tank which can take about 15 drops of e-liquid
  • 510 drip tip
  • Dual posts
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 22mm overall diameter
  • 510 thread connection
  • Adjustable copper 510 center screw

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  • Panix 06/24/2015

    Do you have to build it with wire mesh like gennies or can you build and wick it like a normal atty?

    • Nathan 06/25/2015

      I think this atty is designed for use with wick’s other than mesh.


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