Nautilus Replacement Tank, Glass $6 Metal $12

spire Nautilus Replacement Tanks

Nautilus Glass Tank

A lot of people have been looking for replacement tanks for there Aspire Nautilus, now you have a few different options…

Get a Pyrex Glass replacement tank at Vapor Kings for $6.25 when you use coupon code “vkbc” at checkout. Get it here.

Stainless steel metal tanks are selling for as low as $12.99 right here on eBay.

You can also get stainless steel tanks with color windows for $21.99 – $22.99 right here on ebay.

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  • Stan Street 01/16/2015

    I’m looking for a replacement tank for my nautilus, the problem I have is the threads are on the outside of my glass tank but all I can find are replacement tanks with the threads on the inside. I’m talking about the threads at the top where the glass tapers off. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Stan

      • Stan Street 01/17/2015

        Well there are. Sorry to take up your time. Stan


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