Nautilus Clone $19.29 5Pc. Coils – $7.59 CHINA

Aspire Nautilus Clone

Aspire Nautilus Clone

Nautilus Clone

I believe this is a clone version of the Aspire Nautilus, I guess the clone is just called a “Nautilus Tank”. If Fasttech doesn’t use the word “Authentic” in the listing I assume it’s a clone.

Though, I have the feeling the Aspire Nautilus and the Nautilus clone are probably made in the same factory. If that’s true they would be the same quality right?

For $19.29 I may just wait for a good deal on a actual Aspire nautilus. But the coils are cheap enough at $7.59 for me to buy some.

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  • Russell 01/04/2015

    I unknowingly bought a fake Nautilus tank and it sucked until i got rid of the fake coils and replaced them with the authentic coils. Other than that it works great with no leaks or anything. After this happened to me though, I’ve been obsessed with only buying at highly reputable shops and have been educating myself online about the difference between fake and real products.


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