Mutation X V5 RDA $11.30

Mutation X v5

Check out the new Mutation X V5 style RDA clone now available at Focalecig for only $11.30 when you use coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP” at checkout.

The Mutation X V5 is the latest redesign of the Mutation X clone. It’s a three piece RDA with a new airflow hole pattern made up of 16 air holes of different sizes placed in a diamond pattern, this design is on each side for a total of 32 airflow holes. This pattern of air holes should create a swirling and showering effect inside the chamber.

The building deck on the Mutation X V5 is made up of three posts for single or dual-coil builds. The atomizer also comes with a white POM wide bore drip tip. Other features of the Mutation X V5 include a deep juice well, slicing blade airflow control, and a copper 510 center pin for improved conductivity.


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Mutation X V5 Features:

  • Choose from Brass, stainless steel, or black
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Copper center post for maximum conductivity
  • 3 posts design
  • 16 holes control airflow in vortex pattern, new way to adjust airflow 1 side or both.
  • O-ring is tighter and stick, no easy to break, no easy to drop down, no leaking.
  • Special Insulator heat-resistant to 280?C, no melt.

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  • EvilBeast 03/31/2015

    Lol…more and more airflow..I can’t wait to see what version 6,7 ect. look like…I mean there are only so many ways you can arrange holes..but hey what I do I know it might work way better than the previous versions..

    • Marsh 08/09/2015

      This isn’t a real Mutation X is a fking clone…
      Ugly as hell too

  • William 03/31/2015

    Maybe next one will be a mini mutation x


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