Mutation X V2 Clone RDA – $10.96 China

Mutation X V2 RDA Clone

Mutation X V2 Clone

eCigarette Atomizer

They just added a new Mutation X V2 clone at Fasttech. It’s not a perfect copy but it only cost’s $10.96 and that included free world wide shipping.

I just posted a deal for the authentic Mutation X V2 so you can get one for $26.99 right here.

The Mutation x V2 clone has the new slicing blade style adjustable airflow system just like the authentic.  The airflow system has a total of 18 air-holes, 9 holes on each side in a diamond pattern. This clone does not have the new wide-bore drip tip and top cap, it has a normal 510 drip tip made of POM. However some people may see that as a plus if they don’t like super wide drip tips.

It has a “T” positive post with 2 holes which will make building coils easier, especially with large gauge wire. Conductivity should be pretty good because it has a copper 510 contact pin. The base has a deep juice well and dual o-rings to help prevent leakage.

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Mutation X V2 Clone Features:

  • Removable POM 510 drip tip
  • Finned top cap for better heat dissipation
  • Air flow adjustable, 18 air holes on the sleeve
  • Quad-post hole design for dual coil build
  • 510 threading connection (copper center pin)
  • 22mm diameter
  • Height without drip tip: 32.5mm

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