Mini VaporFlask KX-50D $49.92

Mini VaporFlask KX-50D

The new KX-50D Mini VaporFlask with temperature protection is now available from Focalecig, get one for only $49.92 when you use coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP” at checkout.

The Kangxin KX-50D is a mini version of the VaporFlask V3 by Kangxin. It features Kangxin own variable wattage chip (up to 50 watts) with temperature protection, the chip also features preheat and step up/ step down technology. A OLED screen is positioned on the side of the Mini Vaporflask in between a large firing switch and two adjustment buttons. The KX-50D mod also features a flashlight positioned on the top of the device next to the 510 connection. This mod requires a single 18650 battery for power which is not included.


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Kx-50D Features:

  • Power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter
  • patented Wattage Control
  • Temperature Protection
  • Preheat
  • Step Up/Step Down Technology
  • Digital User Controls
  • OLED Screen
  • On board Buttons
  • Synchronous Rectification for maximum battery
  • Measures: 93*40*23mm

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  • pete 04/16/2015

    what exactly is step up/step down technology? see the term everywhere and haven’t the slightest clue what that means

  • Gary 04/16/2015

    It’s a good deal but the shipping date is very sketchcy!

  • Bud Thornley 04/16/2015

    Can some settle argument for me? A friend of mine says pioneer4you makes a 50 watt ipv mini ll, I say he’s mistaken. They have a 30 and a 70, which I have. Who’s right?

  • James 04/17/2015

    Ipv mini is only 30 watt and 70 watt, I have both .. Now there is an IPV 2 box mod..

  • James 04/17/2015

    Ok to be more clear, Theres the IPV mini 30 w. and IPV mini 2 is 70 w … I have those two, and there is a IPV 2X which is a 60 watt, but its a box shaped mod … That should settle the Hatfield and Mc Coy feud .. 🙂

  • josh 04/18/2015

    Anyone know who makes the chip for this device and if and how well temp control functions

    • Bayart 05/15/2015

      Kangkin make their own chip, and they’re actually really good on the temp control.


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