Mini Samurai Bonsai Clone $7.59

Samurai Bonsai Clone

Check out the new clone of the Mini Samurai Bonsai RDA now avaliable at Angelcigs for only $7.59 plus shipping when you use coupon code “vapingcheap-5%”.

The authentic Samurai Bonsai RDA is made by The Cloud Factory and retails for around $84.99 each. This atomizer is a Mini version of the Samurai RDA also made by The Cloud Factory.

The Samurai Bonsai Clone is a clone of the authentic but its not a 1:1 copy. The authentic version only measures 13.5mm tall and the clone measures 17mms tall. It says it comes with three different drip tips just like the authentic; a normal 510 drip tip, a 17.5 mm drip tip, and a 10.5mm drip tip. The building deck on the Samurai Bonsai Clone has two negative posts and a center post with two wire holes. It also features and adjustable airflow control, a shield to prevent splash back from going into your mouth, and an adjustable 510 center pin.

Coupon Code: vapingcheap-5%

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Samurai Bonsai Clone Features:

  • 22mm width
  • 17mm height without drip tip
  • 510 Connection
  • Adjustable airflow
  • It comes with 3 drip tips (normal 510 adpted drip tip, 17.5 mm drip tip, 10.5mm drip tip)

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