Marquis RDA Clone – $11.26 China

Marquis RDA Clone

Dripping Atomizer Clone

A clone of the Marquis RDA is now available at Fasttech for only $11.26 when you use coupon code “XMAS14” for 5% off.

The authentic Marquis RDA is a joint collaboration between three people; Cisco, Dino Ferrari, and Jon Armstrong. It’s a very unique RDA designed from an innovative airflow concept and is full of other features never seen before on a dripping atomizer. The Marquis RDA comes with coil building rods that can slide through the air holes enabling you to build perfectly wrapped coils positioned directly in front of the air holes, this system can create amazing chimney style builds. The rods can also lock into the bind holes for vertical coils positioned directly in front of the air holes.

Airflow enters the RDA’s chamber via two 2.5mm airflow holes, twisting the top cap will adjust the airflow by opening and closing these holes. The inner chamber is very small and produces amazing flavor. A crown style wire trap center post traps the wires on the raised tabs, this makes it so that once the screw is tightened the wires won’t be able to slip out. The top cap on the Marquis RDA has a removable lid so you can drip without removing the whole top cap. It comes with a 10mm wide bore drip tip and adapters to use normal 510 drip tips. It has PEEK insulation around the drip tip to prevent heat transfer.

The Marquis Clone is a 1:1 clone and looks to have all the same features as the original. It comes with coil building posts, wide bore drip tip, and 510 drip tip adapter. This is one of the coolest dripping atomizers I’ve seen in a while!

Coupon Code: XMAS14

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Marquis Clone Features:

  • 510 threading w/ copper center screw
  • 22mm outside diameter
  • 30.7mm overall height w/o drip tip
  • Dual ground screws easy dual coil setup
  • Dual coil/single coil capable
  • Innovative crown style center post with wire capture tabs
  • Vertical, horizontal or chimney coils
  • Cotton, silica, SS mesh, etc. wicking
  • Custom coiling rods in 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm diameters
  • Blind holes in liquid well for perfect coil allignment
  • 6mm deep liquid well (approx.)
  • Double O-rings for a firm top cap seal
  • Adjustable airflow ( single and dual coil mode)
  • Removable lid (15.5mm) with heat insulator
  • Custom wide bore drip tip (10.2mm bore)
  • 2*custom lid adapters for 510 style drip tips

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  • rob 01/02/2015

    the last atomizer or rda that I bought for fasttect I put it in a soapy solution to get there machine oil out of it and it ended up with rust in it after 2 days I will not buy another RDA from this place


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