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Manly E-Liquid Sale 2018

E-Juice Sale

During the Manley E-Liquid Sale right here you can get a 60ml bottle of premium e-juice for only $18.74! No coupon code is required for this discount! Free shipping is included with your purchase! This sale ends 8/6/18 at 11:59pm EST.

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During the Manley E-Liquid Sale, you can get a 60ml bottle of premium e-juice for only $18.74! This sale includes 6 different flavors which are Machete, Sledgehammer, Hatchet, Dynamite, Horsepower and Chainsaw. In addition, each of these flavors come in a traditional 60ml glass dropper bottle. The nicotine strengths available are 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg. Each flavor has a 80VG/20PG blend, ensuring great flavor and vapor production! Lastly, the flavor descriptions will be posted below for your convenience!

All in all, this is an excellent e-juice sale! If you are looking to try new premium e-juice or want to stock up on some of your favorite Manley E-Liquid for cheap, then this is a deal worth checking out! Be sure to check this deal out at Giant Vapes, where you can save 25% off plus get FREE shipping! Remember to act quickly this deal ends 8/6/18 at 11:59pm EST.

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E-Juice Sale Details:

  • 60ml Bottle Sizes
  • Glass Dropper Bottles
  • Nicotine Strengths Available: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg and 6mg
  • 80VG/20PG Blends
  • 6 Different Flavors:
    • Machete: It’s a dream in a bottle – juicy orange blended perfectly with vanilla ice cream, just like your favorite ice-cream-truck treat!
    • Sledgehammer: This dessert ejuice will hit your taste buds like a sledgehammer with a delectable blend of rich vanilla cupcake and sweet strawberry frosting.
    • Hatchet: Hatchet brings you a burst of summer, in eliquid form! This lemon-lime mojito is crammed with delightfully sweet and sour citrus, and just the lightest touch of mint.
    • Dynamite: A unique blend of lightly tart raspberry cream and sweet vanilla tobacco.
    • Horsepower: This tropical smoothie ejuice is perfect for hot summer days, with bursts of juicy, creamy mango.
    • Chainsaw: A perfectly balanced e-liquid featuring a sweet, fried doughnut filled with tart, creamy lemon curd.

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