Madvapes Deviate Mod $249.99

Madvapes Deviate Mod

New Epic DNA40 Mod from Madvapes

The new DNA40 powered Deviate Mod is now back in stock and avaliable for purchase at Madvapes for only $249.99 with free shipping included.

We first posted information about the Deviate mod back in February and the response was astounding, everyone wanted to get there hands on this epic mod. Actually, the Deviate is more than just a vape mod, its a work of art!

Each design element on the Deviate mod was crafted with care in Mooresville, North Carolina making it one of the coolest looking USA made mods to date. To match is killer looks, the Deviate mod houses and authentic Evolv DNA40 chip-set with ultra accurate temperature control settings and up to 40 watts of output power. In temperature control mode you can use Ni200 coils between 0.1 and 1.0ohms and in variable wattage mode (with kanthal coils) it can fire as low as 0.16ohms.

An easy to read LED screen on the grip displays information like output power, batter power level, atomizer resistance, and temperature setting. Two button below the screen and a large firing switch on the back of the grip makes the Deviate mod extremely easy to use. The “spine” section on the grip folds down so you can easily replace the 18650 battery (not included).

The Deviate is a truly unique vape mod that will turn heads! These may sell out quick so if you want one you better grab it quick!

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Deviate Mod Instructions:

  • Lock/Unlock: Click the Fire button 5 times.
  • Increase Power: Press or hold the Up button.
  • Decrease Power: Press or hold the Down button.
  • Flip Screen Orientation: Lock the device. Then, hold the Up button and the Fire button simultaneously.
  • Stealth Mode/Normal Mode: Lock the device. Then, hold the Down button and the Fire button simultaneously. Stealth mode deactivates the screen when not needed to save battery life.
  • Set Temperature/Deactivate Temp Control: Lock the device. Hold the Up and Down buttons simultaneously. Use the Up and Down buttons to change the maximum temperature. Increase to above 600F to deactivate temperature control.

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  • Steve 06/25/2015

    Very HR Giger inspired! So cool…

    • James Chaney 04/05/2017

      Agree, was thinking that it was very Giger-esque

  • Gary 06/26/2015

    A lot of nay sayers!!! But glad they were dead wrong!!!

  • Jeremy 07/12/2015

    Does anybody know if the Atlantis OEM. coils would fit this alien tank as they do in the Atlantis v1,v2, herakles, supertank, and a handful of others?

  • Chris 07/12/2015

    Yup, lots of people think this is a grossly overpriced mod including myself for what it is , what people have a big problem with is it’s super cheap soft zinc cast alloy body , mods in this price range have much preferred aluminum or stainless steel .

    Zinc cast alloy bodies are used for the cheapest mods on the market for good reason . Madvapes have a reputation for pricing things way higher than they should be though so it’s no surprise .

    There’s always suckers who have money.

  • William Thornley 07/12/2015

    High price, low quality. The sheep will follow. Flashy, trashy

  • Silkworm 07/16/2015

    Why would they not wait for the DNA200 chip to utilize in this mod. I’m assuming many people have aquired a DNA40 by now, and will not be willing to hand out another 250 for this mod, when the new DNA200 is on its way..

  • Scott D 08/12/2015

    waitting for the china version

  • eddie 01/11/2016

    I have the clone it sucks says its 60 watts but hits like 30 looks cool but ive had it for a couple months and still haven’t even sed it enough to drain a battery but i paid $54 versus 250


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