Mad Hatter RDA $34.99

Mad Hatter RDA

Check out the new Mad hatter RDA, a unique and original RDA made by InfeelingUSA. Join a pre-order now to get one for as little as $34.99 with free shipping from the USA. These are expected to ship out by the end of April.

The Mad Hatter RDA made by InfeelingUSA differentiates itself from other dripping atomizers with its bold look and innovative flip top cap. The top cap is attached to a hing on the body so when you need to re-wet your wick its just a flip and a drip away. This unique design eliminates the task of looking for a place to set your e-liquid soaked top cap down when you want to drip.

The airflow system on the Mad Hatter RDA is fully adjustable and airflow enters the chamber through large air holes positioned directly below each coil to improve flavor. The building deck consists of three posts with large wire holes. The center post and 510 center pin are made from copper to improve conductivity and increase performance. The base of the Mad Hatter features three red o-rings and a very deep juice well.

Stainless Steel $34.99   Stainless Steel $35.00

Black $37.50

Mad Hatter Features:

  • Stainless steel, black, or copper
  • Flip Top Cap for easy dripping
  • 22mm diameter
  • Three Post Design
  • Machine post screws for durability
  • Two huge adjustable airflow slots
  • Airflow is directed from under coils
  • Uniquely serialized
  • Very deep juice well

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  • Jeff 04/01/2015

    So basically, it’s a Freakshow with the top cap connected by a hinge.

    Welp, there’s $35 I need to spend.


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