LunaSea Wood Box Mod $39.99

LunaSea Mod

Wood, Copper, & Brass Box Mod

Here’s an interesting new wooden and copper box mod made by Vaping Dream called the LunaSea mod. Pick one up for only $39.99 plus shipping at Angelcigs.

The authentic LunaSea Mod is sold here.

The LunaSea mod is a mechanical box mod made from wood, copper, and brass. It has a very unique firing switch, “The design was inspired by the Golden Ratio and the Cycles of the Moon”. It’s definitely a very interesting mod, it’s powered by a single 18650 battery and has a magnetic back plate. Read below for the description from the factory.

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Lunasea Wood Mod Description:

The Luna wood box mod is a full mechanical, single 18650 custom wood box with a very unique trigger. The design was inspired by the Golden Ratio and the Cycles of the Moon. The box is machined on a CNC and the “C” wrap is machined and engraved on a four axis CNC mill then bent on a custom-made Die set. The discs are cut with an EDM wire machine for an exact fit. The triggers are hand formed then riveted onto a solid Brass ball, formed and split at the end. The wood blanks start with a dip into Tung Oil and left to dry then the magnets and discs are glued into the machined holes. The wood blanks are fit to the “C” wraps and secured with small brass wood screws. Next LunaSea installs the internals which consist of a high quality battery sled with solid copper wiring soldered to the connections. Then comes all of the hand work on sandpaper that is glued onto slabs of Stone to create a flat sanding surface to finish and detail the boxes. Once this is complete and all edges are eased they get a final go over on a Scotch Brite pad then several hand applied coats of Renaissance Wax. Finally the trigger is installed and the unit is tested for several firings with a dry coil and inline voltage tester to ensure each mod functions as good as they look.

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  • Keith Dillon 05/23/2015

    That happens to be a photo of an Original Luna 1. The Vaping Dream Clones people should at least use a picture of their own mod and use their own description.


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