LowPro RDA $54.99


Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

The LowPro RDA is now available for purchase through EcigCity for just $54.99. This is one of the smaller rebuildable atomizers that I have ever seen. This is definitely some competition for popular small RDA’s like the Derringer or the Bambino.

The LowPro RDA is a tiny, yet unique atomizer. Its strange build deck and deep juice well allow for enough space for builders to go crazy and hold a great amount of liquid. It also sports a squonker ready center pin, allowing for the ultimate in versatility.

With the decreased size of the LowPro RDA, there is a high chance for spit back off the coils. In order to fix that issue, this RDA comes with two different styled chuff caps with a honeycomb spit guard. There is no need to worry about juice hitting the back of your throat with the LowPro RDA.

Overall, the LowPro RDA seems like a pretty cool atomizer, and it should be considered when looking for a new, small RDA. Do not miss out on this great deal from EcigCity. Get your own LowPro RDA now for just $54.99, and as always vape on.

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LowPro Features

  • 10mm tall.
  • 22mm diameter.
  • 3.5mm deep juice well.
  • Unique deck.
  • Supports single and dual coil builds.
  • Squonk ready center pin.
  • Includes black and white chuff style caps with honeycomb design to prevent spit back.

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