Lost Art Liquids Sale! 60ml/120ml Only $7.99/$10.99!

Lost Art Liquids Sale August 2018

E-Juice Sale

During the Lost Art Liquids Sale right here you can get a 60ml bottle of premium e-juice for only $7.99! No coupon code required! You can also get a 120ml bottle of premium e-juice for only $10.99!

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During the Lost Art Liquids Sale, you can get a 60ml bottle of premium e-juice for only $7.99 or a 120ml bottle for only $10.99! This sale includes 10 different flavors which are Space Rockz, Slotter Pop, Slotter Pop O.G.B, Mystery Flavor, Cottontail Cream, Slotter Pop The Grape White, Unicorn Puke, Gummy Glu, Space Rockz Iced and Ziggy. In addition, each flavor comes in a 60ml or 120ml Chubby Gorilla Bottles, making it easy to travel with and fill your sub ohm tanks! The nicotine strengths available for most flavors are 3mg and 6mg. Lastly, the flavor descriptions will be posted below!

All in all, this is an excellent e-juice sale! If you are a fan of Lost Art Liquids and looking to stock up on your favorites for cheap, then this is a deal you surely cannot miss! Be sure to check this deal out at EJuice Connect for only $7.99 for a 60ml bottle or $10.99 for a 120ml bottle. Be sure to act fast, this deal is for a limited time only!

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E-Juice Sale Details:

  • 60ml or 120ml bottle sizes
  • Chubby gorilla bottles
  • Nicotine strengths available: 3mg and 6mg
  • 10 Different Flavors:
    • Space Rockz: A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy!
    • Slotter Pop: a fruit-infused icy popsicle treat right from your mom’s freezer.
    • Slotter Pop OGB: a refreshing blue raspberry popsicle with a burst of sweet orange and green apple candy
    • Mystery Flavor: a mixed fruit taffy candy
    • Slotter Pop The Grape White: fruit-infused icy popsicle treat
    • Unicorn Puke: delicious and refreshing rainbow sherbet
    • Cotton Tail Cream: a smooth, rich, creamy strawberry milk vapor
    • Gummy Glu: Imagine throwing all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies into a blender
    • Space Rockz Iced: A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy infused with menthol
    • Ziggy: 13 fruit, shaved ice snow cone flavor

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