Lancia RDA Clone by CloudCig- $9.99 USA

Lancia RDA Clone

E-Cigarette Atomizer

Check out this clone of the Lancia RDA made by Cloudcig. 101Vape just marked the price down to only $9.99, not to long ago they were selling these for $24.99 each!

The authentic Lancia atomizer is made by Arra Mods International and retails for $149.99. It’s a very cool device and it’s the first RDA to have a “plug in” airflow control system. The plug in system is really cool, the atomizer comes with a plugs that have a 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm air-hole and some have no air-hole at all. On the deck there are two large holes under each coil and you can use the plugs to either block the air-hole or to give the hole a 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm air-hole. This give you a ton of airflow options, you can even completly block off one side of the atomizer if you only want a single coil build. The Lancia also comes with a stainless steel and glass tank which is very cool.

The Lancia clone looks like a nice clone of the original, the picture shows 15 plugs which is the same amount that comes with the authentic. Like the original you get a glass tank and stainless steel tank but the clone even comes with a PC tank. I have a Lancia Clone and it’s a cool RDA, you have a lot of control over the airflow can adjust it super tight or super loose.

If your outside the USA you can get one from here for $10.18 with free world wide shipping.

 $9.99 USA

Other deal…

$8.99 USA

Lancia RDA Clone Features:

  • 1st plug in type air flow control (located on the base of the atomizer)
  • 4 airholes which can be adjusted to 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
  • 22mm diameter
  • Solid negative poles
  • Tri-pole super easy to build coils
  • Sick top cap Hawaiian inspired engraving

This is Rip Trippers video review of the authentic Lancia RDA. He loves this rebuildable dripping atomizer, his only problem with it is the $149.99 price tag. Now that you can get a clone for only $15 bucks so I’d think he would approve. If you want to see how the “plug in” airflow control works watch this video.

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