Kayfun Mini V2.1 Clone by IVOGO – $26.99 USA

Kayfun Mini V2.1 Clone

Kayfun Mini V2.1 Clone

Kayfun Mini

The Kayfun Mini V2.1 clone made by IVOGO is in stock and ready to ship at Angel Cig’s US warehouse. It costs $26.99 with free shipping included.

The Kayfun Mini V2.1 looks awesome, i’ll be getting one soon. It features a airflow control adjustment, clear tank section, 510 drip tip, and an extension tube for a longer tank.

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Thanks to Gary for this deal.

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  • Gary 05/13/2014

    This mini is getting great initial reviews from those that have them and now you have to figure out just what would this look good on?
    Well I personally have seen this on a 14500 Bagua clone which has a magnet switch on the natural so no need to sway it out and weird as this might sound it also looks pretty awesome even on a ego, then you have multiple modes you can build this at.
    Also their is a Nemi mini coming very soon and I think might be already in pre-order somewhere.
    I think the dimension you’d be looking for as far as power is about something like 73.8mm x 16.65mm have one on the way, should be interesting haven’t heard anything bad and no leaks.

  • Gary 05/13/2014

    Strange might not care to post this but I didn’t know until just now that the Tobeco version is in the USA at
    http://www.kidneypuncher.com/tobeco-mini-kayfun-clone/ $40 bucks though sure is no deal.
    And like I suspected in last post got some dimensions and it’s as I thought and will apply to the Ivogo most likely as they are always pretty close and it is “14mm in diameter” and the Bagua 14500 is 16.6 so it’s close, perfect, measure a ego, nice size for sure. I guess I didn’t mention that I knew it was around 14mm had a friend measure his. The Ivogo leaks a little from the bottom so I’ve heard but filling through the top it only gurgles for a minute then settles down. This version is side fill that’s seems to be a nicer version but don’t know anyone who’s used it yet. Maybe tomorrow.
    Stainless Steel construction
    510 Connector and included ego cone
    Adjustable Air Flow / Air Flow Control
    Side Filling Juice hole
    Includes clear tank and extended chimney piece
    Can be used in short and long mode
    Short mode measures approximately 2.375 inches from top of 510 connector, geez
    Long mode measures approximately 3.5 inches from top of 510 connector
    Meaures 14mm in diameter


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