Kangertech CUPTI Kit $37.99


Vape Starter Kit

The newest in Kangertech’s line of all-in-one devices has finally surfaced. You can set a pre-order for the Kangertech CUPTI starter kit right here for just $37.99. If you are in need of something to help you quit smoking, or you are just looking for something new to add to your ever-growing collection, then you should check this out.

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The Kangertech CUPTI kit is an all-in-one device that is powered by a single 18650 battery. It sports an internal tank that can hold up to 5ml of juice, and it has a maximum wattage output of 75W. Kangertech has also opted to include the optional rebuildable coil head (CLRBA) to satisfy your building needs.

Kangertech seems to really like this style of device, but admittedly it works well. The ergonomic and simplistic design are perfect for beginner users, but it is definitely geared toward use by vapers of all walks. The added top-mounted airflow is a nice addition over Kangertech’s original all-inclusive Nebox.

Overall, the Kangertech CUPTI starter kit looks like a fantastic addition to any collection, especially if you enjoy devices that include everything you need in one little package. Do not miss out on this great deal from Efun.top. Get your own CUPTI right now for just $37.99, and as always, vape on.

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CUPTI Features

  • 5.0ml juice capacity
  • All in one device
  • Leak-free
  • 75W output
  • CLRBA(optional)
  • Replaceable 18650
  • Replaceable pyrex glass
  • Temperature control
  • Durable surface furinshing

I am a vape enthusiast that lives in Charlotte, NC. I have been vaping for about three years now, and I have been working in the industry for a little over a year. I started working in the industry in order to help people get off the stinky's, and what better way to do that than by bringing vapers the best deals possible?

  • ted 06/23/2016

    Is the Kangertech CUPTI only 37.99


  • Elaina 08/13/2016

    There’s a cupti 2 out now also.. i only vape kangertech & they have ALOT of nrw5devices out

    • Brian 05/23/2017

      Kanger Tech needs better quality control plus more durable devices. I have bought devices from Kanger that leaked or did not work when brand new.

  • Eeic 08/21/2016

    Where can i order a replacement glass for the cupti. Cant seem to find it anywhere



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