Kanger EVOD E-Cig Starter Kit Ship’d – $30.79 USA

EVOD E-Cig Starter Kit

EVOD E-Cig Starter Kit

EVOD E-Cig Starter Kit

This is a perfect e-cigarette starter kit at a a very low price. Buy a Kanger EVOD Starter Kit for only $30.79 with free shipping included!

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The EVOD E-Cig kit is available in a few color options and has everything you need to start vaping, just add e-liquid. The EVOD is highly recommended and has great user reviews.

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EVOD E-Cigarette Starter Kit:

  • 2 x Kanger EVOD 3.7v eGo batteries
  • 2 x Kanger EVOD clearomizer
  • 5 x EVOD replacement heating coils
  • CLEAR instructions
  • USB to eGo charger
  • USB to US wall plug

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  • Edward 03/15/2016

    I would like to buy this starter kit. I have. EVID 1 looks like it. I won’t to know if your fit 2.2 ohm I bought a starter kit from some one else and my 2.2 ohm did not fit.


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