Kamry 20 Watt Mini Mod – $29.99

Kamry 20w Mod

Compact 20w Box Mod

You can now get a Kamry 20 watt box mod for only $29.99 with free shipping included when you use coupon “MarchKamryDeal” at checkout!

The Kamry 20 is a new compact box mod measuring 84.3mm tall by 49.2mm wide by 23mm deep. The mod is made from aluminum and available in two colors, silver and red copper. It has a variable wattage output that you can adjust from 7.0 to 20.0 watts in 0.1 watt increments. The Kamry 20w is capable of powering atomizers with a 0.3ohm to 3.0ohm resistance.

It’s powered by an internal 2000mah battery that can be charged via a micro USB port on the bottom of the mod. On the side of the mod you will find a firing switch, two adjustment buttons, and a OLED screen that displays output wattage/voltage, battery level, and atomizer resistance.

Ever since the Eleaf iStick every manufacturer in now coming out with their own compact box mod hoping it will be as popular as the iStick. The Kamry 20 looks pretty cool little compact box mod.

Coupon Code: MarchKamryDeal

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Kamry 20 Mod Features:

  • Made from Aluminium
  • 510 threaded connector
  • Variable Wattage from 7W-20W in 0 .1 watt increment
  • Body is made of anodized aluminum
  • OLED display shows battery cha rge state, volts ,ohms and also puffs.
  • 2000mah Internal battery
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Compatible with 0.3 ohm~3.0 ohm atomizers
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A
  • 3 click Switch
  • High temperature protection.If the device is over 70 degree the device, will shut itself down.
  • Measures 84.3*49.2*23mm

Kamry20 Mod

Kamry 20 mini Mod

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  • FrackenVape... 12/03/2014

    If it gets over 70 degrees it shuts down? In other words, it wont work outside during the summer months in most of the US….

  • EvilBeast 01/07/2015

    Not bad considering it allows you to build down .3 ohms and plus the price ain’t bad either…But I think I’ll wait to hear a review I haven’t hear many good things about Kamry…Do you ever plan to review here at Vaping Cheap..?

      • Chris 01/23/2015

        I just got one today and it seems to be great. But. It will do 23w. Just thought I’d let everyone know

  • Heather A. Reed 01/16/2015

    Please fix this post! Your price is wrong!
    With the discount code its $35.80 to the US.
    $32.88 price
    $6.74 shipping

  • wpmember7 01/19/2015

    Where is the atty hole on top? Is it near the button or on the far side?

    • Sy 02/11/2015

      Look at the pics…Near the button.

  • Ashley 01/31/2015

    I have had a Kamry 20 for 2 weeks. I have loved it so far, until last night. It literally started smoking. Once it cooled down enough to touch I opened it up to see what happened. The battery was still ok, but the board for the screen and the screen itself melted. It looks like some kind of short, but I cannot be for sure. I have not been able to find out anything about a warranty for this thing.

    • VH fan 03/03/2015

      Started smoking huh , i could be wrong but that doesn’t sound good , must avoid .

      Thanks Ashley

  • DyNama, Ohio 03/03/2015

    Correct, $29.99 total. and 70°C is correct too. But this deal says the Kamry is “Powered by single 18650 battery”. That’s not an “internal battery”, is it? Kamry’s website says a 10amp battery is okay, “no need to buy expensive high-rate batteries”.

      • DyNama, Ohio 03/03/2015

        Admittedly the battery in the pic http://www.kamry.cc/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/kamry20_07.jpg does look like an internal battery. Still, I find it confusing. Nowhere on the page VC sends me to says “2000mah” so if you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that number? Thanx!

          • DyNama, Ohio 03/04/2015

            No, I didnt find that number on any of a dozen web pages, just “Powered by single 18650 battery”! So I emailed EcigAvenue, the current vendor, and they confirmed your statement: “It’s powered by an internal 2000mah battery…”

            Sorry for my confusion. I have never seen an “18650 battery” line on an internal-battery mod before. Thanx for all the bargains you find for us!

  • todd 03/13/2015

    decent little mod currently still 23 dollars at wechangevape not for cloud chaseing but everyday vapeing its just fine for that i have a single coil darkhorse clone on there right now sitting at .8 ohms and it can still chuck a little i was surprised if you thinking about getting one and your not still not sure after reading this post go ahead and and get one i cloud chase a little and i like this mod i plan to pair it with an rta probably an orchid and carry it around whenever i feal like dripping might be a lilttle pain in the ass at times GET ONE….

    • Luis 03/21/2015

      How do I replace the Battery’s?

  • Esperanza 08/26/2015

    What does no atomizer mean?

  • Chris 09/28/2015

    Somehow I have managed to put it into lock mode. Can someone tell me how to “unlock” it -thx

  • DyNama, Ohio 10/27/2015

    Nathan, I still found “internal 2000mah” and “powered by a single 18650 battery” all over the internet, which I still think is misleading and contradictory, so I questioned a vendor, VaporHQ, where it is $24.99, and finally got customer service to actually open one up. They replied:

    Ok, so the battery that is in the Kamry 20w mini box mod it is built in and permanent. Unless you know how to professionaly solder wires, I would not recommend trying to incorporate any 18650 battery into it. We are going to get that sentence “Compatibility is never a problem since the Kamry 20 works with any 18650 battery” removed.

    I’m happy to finally get this issue resolved. “Internal battery” means fixed and permanent.


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