Jesus Wood Box Mod – $39.99

Jesus Wood Box Mod

Dual 18650 Wood Box Mod

Check out the new Jesus Wood box mod now available at 101Vape. Get one for only $39.99 plus $1.99 shipping and handling.

The Jesus mod is a very nice looking wooden box mod. It’s made from light wood with a dark wood top cap and battery cover that gives it a very high quality look. It has a 510 connection and large round firing switch on the top of the device. The dark wood back cover slides off to reveal slots for two 18650 battery and is held in place with two magnets.

Buy the Jesus Mod here

Jesus Mod Features:

  • Made from wood
  • Requires two 18650 batteries
  • 510 connection
  • Large firing switch
  • Magnetic back cover

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  • EvilBeast 02/06/2015

    LMAO Am I missing something…? Why is it called “Jesus Box mod”…lol What does it have to do with Jesus..? Maybe because the only way to get it to work is with a little prayer and faith! I guess China is finally running out of ideas…

    • Nayreel 02/06/2015

      Maybe because a biblical reference hints that Jesus was a carpenter… Idk haha

    • Shainghai78 02/07/2015

      It’s probably because it’s made of wood, and Jesus was a carpenter.

    • curt 02/07/2015

      They call it a Jesus box mod because you have to prey to him to make sure it lasts longer than a day and doesn’t fall apart,used mine once,took my Atlantis off to refill it and it fell apart,never buying from them again

  • cyberlunacy 02/07/2015

    hahah they even have a picture of jesus on the cross… against a brick wall… on the inside flap of the box.. so maybe your “a little prayer” comment is true, since it looks like jesus is up against a brick wall. funny there is zero descr. for it, doesnt say if its parallel or series, or mechanical or VV/VW nothing. i’d pay $10 to give it a try.

  • Jay T 02/07/2015

    Not bad looking mod but don’t like the idea that they have to use Jesus name and pics to promo a mod

  • Christopher Clark 02/07/2015

    jesus was a carpenter

  • DK Lush 02/07/2015

    LOL. Jesus mod just missed a whole demographic in atheists like me. Isn’t it in the Constitution somewhere to keep religion out of vaping and politics?

  • V.M.S. 02/08/2015

    DK Lush is referring to the constitutional separation between Church and Vape.

    • DK Lush 02/09/2015

      V.M.S… Very nicely done Sir, very nicely done.

  • Kat B 07/02/2015

    I just clicked on the link (morbid atheist curiosity), and Jesus is “no longer available.” Hmmm… Does that mean I’ve been religiously validated?


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