IPV4 100w Mod $65.21

IPV4 Mod

The new 100 watt IPV4 by Pioneer4you is now avaliable at My Freedom Smokes for only $65.21 when you use coupon code “vapingcheap13”. You can also get one at Vaporizer Chief for $67.45 with FREE shipping when you use coupon code “10off” and finally they have them at 101Vape for only $74.99 plus shipping.

The new IPV4 is the latest regulated mod from Pioneer4you, it has undergone a complete redesign and looks nothing like the IPV2 & 3 mods. I would say that the design of the IPV4 mod is most similar to the Zero Modz device due to its wrap around contour grip that can be removed to reveal where you put the required dual 18650 batteries. This grip/battery cover clips in place so you won’t need to mess around with screws to access the batteries.

The brains running the device is the latest YiHi SX330 V3C chip-set capable of up to 100 watt’s of pure vaping pleasure. You can adjust the output from 5 to 100 watts in 0.1 watt increments and fire atomizers as low as 0.1ohms. The firing switch, adjustment buttons, and LED screen are all on the side of the device. The IPV4 will be available in black and silver finishes.

For more information read out IPV4 Review.

Coupon Code: vapingcheap13


Coupon Code: 10off

$67.45 + Free Shipping

IPV4 $74.99

IPV4 Mod Features:

  • Yihi SX330 V3C chip
  • Aluminum body with custom milled display screen
  • Spring loaded contact pin
  • Resistance reads down to 0.1 Ω
  • Resistance reads up to 3.0 Ω
  • Adjustable wattage: 5W-100W
  • Output voltage: 1.0V – 7.5V
  • Supported pass through mod
  • Take 2 18650 batteries
  • Fully magnetic door
  • Auto ohm resistance meter
  • Voltage is calculated automatically as wattage is adjusted
  • Mini USB interface charging port

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  • Augie Van Suchtelen 01/24/2015

    the Atlantis tank will work on this Mod as well

  • EvilBeast 01/24/2015

    I don’t know if I would get this…. I know its made of Aluminum but it kinda looks like plastic..I think I’ll wait till I see it in person. But hey at least its some what original and not another box.

  • Chad 01/24/2015

    Vapenw.com has the pre-order for $79.95

  • Sammy ash 01/24/2015

    Well they seem to finally be going lower in the wattage or keeping it somewhat reasonable but this is not what i was expecting.

    Really don’t care for the looks or layout of it , was expecting far more from P4U.

  • Aaron k 01/24/2015

    Sweet I hoped you guys would post this up. Submitted a deal thing yesterday morning about the preorder at vapenw. The size of it was what caught my attention.

  • charles milburn 02/28/2015

    I would love to win that ipv4 much and stuff very much please thank you

  • Larry 03/18/2015

    Vaporizerchief.com has the cheapest pre-order price right now at $74.95

  • Daniel 03/26/2015

    theres also a coupon for vaporizer chief 10off

    10 percent off bringing it to 67.45 total, free shipping on top of no tax if not in florida.

  • Shane Crisson 03/29/2015

    Has anyone ever delt with “Vaporizer Chief”? I can find very little info on them and I would like to know if they are a repuable vender before I go turning over my credit card info to them. Thanks

    • Daniel Barlan 03/30/2015

      I have spoken to them several times, their customer service is great and haven’t had an issue yet. They even took my comment as in when i said if they get a black one i want it, and they recognized the comment. I talked to the guy for about half an hour and they are just trying to startup and get into the vape business, as they have been doing herbs for a while longer. They just started their venture into vapes and mods and tanks and others.

  • Shane C 03/30/2015

    Thanks Daniel, I will give them a try. Really appreciate the response

  • nathan 04/01/2015

    Just curious I see it’s suppose to be released on the second but is tht they start shipping on the second n we wait to come from China or how long do u think it will take to actually get it in the mail.

      • Ian 06/16/2015

        Mbv the ipv 4 is out of stock should have known they suck they never have anything in stock

  • Phoghat 04/04/2015

    Is there a recommended battery? There are so many 18650s available

      • Matthew fisher 06/09/2015

        I was thinking about trying the new aspire 40 amp 18650’s. I have heard one complaint about them. Someone had said that it wouldn’t discharge to 40 amp or something like that. I’m wondering how accurate their claims are…?

  • phi 04/05/2015

    i thought the ipv4 was going to have temp control? or is this a clone without temp control?

    • Matthew fisher 06/09/2015

      I think you have to install the update for it. When looking at its specs, they mentioned the USB cable was for updates and temp control.

  • John McGregor 04/05/2015

    I guess I will have to wait on something like this. I have the iPV3 and it works well, but would also like a backup system. Thanks for the post Nathan it helps us know what is out there.

  • Jennifer 04/05/2015

    I do want this device but I’m worried about dealing with companies I’m not familiar with especially on a preorder because it can get delayed to a point where the CC company can’t reimburse it. I love my IPV3. I’ve put it through a lot so far & it keeps on ticking. I’d never run it at 150w. I’ve never even gotten it close to 150w but it is nice to know that at 45w I’m not pushing it to it’s max capabilities. I do HATE the screw on cover though & am not very handy to replace it with magnets.

  • I was told you had to do the upgrade via computer for the temp control to turn on and work

  • Daniel L 05/08/2015

    What happened to the rest of the comments? It’s only listing 21 for me, but there were more yesterday?

      • Ian 06/17/2015

        Why don’t you clear mvb having the ipv 4 in stock because they don’t they never have anything in stock and their juice is horrible

  • Chadwick 05/15/2015

    the review I saw dais they ate using the yihi SX330 V4S or i think with temp control

  • Edward Ornstein 05/16/2015

    Speaking of Gearbest. I’m still waiting on my pre order for this. I got A tracking number but its some weird Netherlands post that doesn’t show up in USPS tracking. I ordered this way back when they first put up the pre sale. You put a little warning up about this vendor on your post. I should of headed the warning. I could of had this a week ago from 101 vapes or gone for this deal. I live in the south east. I got my Archon RDA from MFV in 2 days time there an awesome vendor. But I cant say the same for Gear best.

  • Steven Jordan 05/17/2015

    Why do people comment about stuff they don’t know about wit “I think shit”

    • Chadwick 05/18/2015

      “IPV4 100 Watt Box Mod – Eciggity
      eciggity.com › ipv4-100-watt-box-…
      Mobile-friendly – The newly redesigned iPV4 100W Box Mod by Pioneer4You features USB Cable … Utilizes the YIHI SX330 v4S Chip.”

      “IPV4 Box Mod 100W by Pioneer4You – Vape Royalty
      vaperoyalty.com › pioneer4you-ip…
      The IPV4 mod will now come equipped with the new YiHi SX330-V4S chip allowing you to utilize Temperature Control!”

      I had heard some contradictory information about the chip being used in the IPV4.. from what I had been seeing “I THOUGHT” they had changed from the Yihi chip – SX330 V3C to the Yihi chip – SX330 V4S.. not being a expert on what the different chip capabilities or functions are I didn’t want to definitively say it was for temp control.. so whatever.. i was rly just trying to point out that they were showing the wrong chip in the specs.. whether it was a temp control chip or not wasn’t my point but I thought that’s why they changed chips.. another thing I’m not 100% sure about but from your comment “I THINK” you’re a dick

  • Tony 06/08/2015

    Post says it comes with batteries but once you follow the link it doesn’t

  • Bill 06/19/2015

    It’s a GOOD not GREAT 100 watt TC , and for the real price now with coupons of 60-65 how can it not be a must have in any ones eyes? TC, 100 Watt, dual 18650? 6 months ago this hits w/o TC it’s a 100+ dollar easy sell. Everything isn’t the SX Mini J , but Damn……I got one and the SX, and both TC and Vape like a MF, No brainer. Do not try to use the charging port, keep old school 18650 remove and charge!

    • Craigo 06/26/2015

      Which one do you prefer fpr the money? Is the sx really worth $100 more then ipv4?

  • C-Love 07/01/2015

    That coupon code only took $2 off fro me, making it $70 + S/H. Am I missing something?

  • Paul 07/02/2015

    My ipv4 caught fire yesterday sitting on a table and power was off. Also in your product description you put “fully magnetic door” this is false. The door is a clip on that within 2 months got lose and would come off. Guys this IPV4 isn’t worth the money they are asking. I have pictures of my ipv4 after it caught fire if you would like to see them just request by email.

      • Paul 07/02/2015

        Have the battery’s, both are 3 week old sony vtc4 they were fully charged and both still look good, would love to share the pictures.

    • Flizzle 07/04/2015

      I too had an issue with my original iPV4 where the box started to get incredibly hot just sitting. Smoke started coming out, pulled my batteries, took it apart and the charging chip was completely burnt out. Got the iPV4.1 (doesn’t have the mirror finish on the screen) and haven’t had any issues.

  • RaiuVapes 07/03/2015

    Do you not have the black IPV4? Not really liking the silver call me crazy but just not a fan of it….

  • Justin 07/21/2015

    vaporDNA has the IPv4s for $64.99 shipped – in stock – when you use coupon code VTRz7Zws5k. and it’s free shipping in the USA as well.

  • Gidget 12/12/2015

    Does anyone know if if can ve upgraded to higher wattage? I have thw Ipv 3LI and it was 100 or 150w when i got it but it had a cord to connect to the computer for upgrades so now its 200w. Seems like if this is a newer model it would.


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