IPV Mini Box Mod

IPV Mini Box Mod

30w Box Mod

If you like the compact Eleaf iStick then you will probably be interested in the new IPV Mini by Pioneer4You. This new device is a box mod with a very similar design to the Eleaf istick. Even though the 2 devices look very similar they are different in many ways.

For example the IPV Mini has a YiHi SX130 chip with a maximum output of 30 watts where as the iStick only has a maximum output of 20 watts. Another difference is the power source, the IPV Mini uses a replaceable 18650 battery and the iStick has a built in 2200mah battery. Since the IPV Mini uses 18650 batteries it’s going to be larger than the iStick but I’m not exactly sure how much larger. The problem is that I have found two different measurements used for the IPV Mini, one source says it measures 94mm by 40mm by 23mm and another source says it measures 89mm by 45mm by 22mm. For comparison the iStick measures only 75mm by 32.8mm by 21mm.

One of the big complaints users have with the Eleaf iStick is that it does not have true power regulation. Pionerr4You says that the IPV Mini will not have this problem due to it using the YiHi SX130 chit-set. This chip can output between 5-30 watts or 3.0-8.0 volts and offers true wattage regulation. It will also allow you to use any atomizers with a resistance load of 0.5ohms to 3.0ohms.

I love my Eleaf iStick and have not put it down since I first got it. The only problems I have with it is that you can’t replace the battery and it’s problems with power regulation. These are minor problems but if the IPV Mini solves these problems (and isn’t too big) it could be my new favorite device. I hope to try one soon and we may even get an IPV Mini Review on the site soon.

You can get the IPV Mini in either black, silver, blue, and gold.

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IPV Mini Specifications:IPV MIni Mod Colors

  • Loading resistance: 0.5ohm-3.0ohm.
  • Output Voltage range: 3.0V-8.0V
  • Output Power range: 5.0w-30w
  • Output current: Max 13A
  • Input current: 1.3A–13A
  • Low voltage protection
  • Low resistance protection
  • High input voltage warning
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Mini USB charging Port
  • Removable 18650 battery
  • YIHIecigar SX130 chip
  • 510 Threading
  • Efficiency: 92%
  • Screen Size: 0.96″ OLED

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  • Jason 11/20/2014

    Only 50 from vaporrange.com (Link Removed)

  • Johnny Yuma 11/21/2014

    I remember seeing somewhere that the istick has a 18650 in it too.

  • Jim Patrick 11/21/2014

    I like your colum, have one question.The ipv mini box mod does it take unprotected or protected battery,& what battery do you recommend

      • Stele77 11/22/2014

        ?! VCTs and most other popular IMR are NON-proctected..
        And there are only VERY few batts available, that support the 13AMP-limit of the IPV Mini.
        In high power mods always non-protected, high drain cells like the corretly mentioned VCTs 30/35Amp, MNKE 30/35 Amp, EFEST Purple, ect.
        And IMO, better IMR then hybrid cells like VCTs.

        • Jim Patrick 11/23/2014

          Thanks Steve
          I did order Efest imr purple& I thought you our surpposed to by Nonprotected battery for these types of mods

  • Jim Patrick 11/21/2014

    So you wouldn’t get imr efest 35 amp 2500 mah 18650

      • Jim Patrick 11/23/2014

        Nathan this is the setup I will be using aspire Atlantis 0.5 ohm on ipv mini
        With imr efest purple 35 amp.just asking a lot of questions first time sub ohm just being safe

  • Gary 12/13/2014

    Well got the IPV Mini today from Eciggity using a C.C. “10percentoff” got Free Shipping and a grand total of $51.29 and really fast shipping from Hawaii great.
    The mod I’ve had for a day now and it’s alright and I mean that in a good way.
    Size is just under 1″ taller than a Istick and from display to back curve is maybe 1/4″ and thickness 1/8th or so.
    Seems well made and has some heft to it.
    One thing I noticed right away is the display, it will be great if your a lefty and I haven’t found any mention of a way to flip the display like on a DNA40.
    One feature I do like is the ability to switch beween PWM or straight DC-DC, that was a surprise and something I haven’t seen before personally.
    Running a Efest 30amp 18650 in it and fixing to throw a RDA on here and see just what happens in DC mode compared to PWM mode, should be interesting for a variable voltage mod. Would seem, and I’m no expert on batteries, but once your battery starts to cut to low in DC mode dripping, you could then switch to PWM and squeeze some extra juice out of your battery??
    Good little mod ergonomically and very much like the Istick in shape and form, not really sure yet on the PWM and what it’s tuned to, seems at first impression to be alright, mean or RMS wise if you know what I mean..

    • Fran Forbes 01/29/2015

      I think PWM is good on factory heads. DC at 8.5 watts on a 2.4 ohm BCC is one HOT vape! But that same 8.5 watts on that same head is perfect when my IPV mini is in PWM mode.

      • Gary 01/29/2015

        Agree with you Fran, I use a Kanger Aero2 with the new dual heads which now at down to .8 which really are kinda dumb IMO, waste of power and juice so use 1.2’s and either in PWM or even DC-DC this device is stellar.
        That Mini I bought from Eciggity had a break down and I had to send it to asMODus on warranty and I can say this much, even though I had to pay $8 upfront for shipping, it was a great experience dealing with this company.
        asMODus is NOT the manufacturer, put is the company who does handle the warranty issue for Pioneer IPV and they were fast and sent me a completely new one, no problems.
        Issue was contact “Check Atomizer” and a word to the wise, just because you see a screw head slot on the 510 pin I can guarantee you that it does nothing and really shouldn’t be there, rather misleading, now that’s not how mine broke by thinking I could adjust it, BUT since it was obviously screwed up I decided to see what made this gizmo tick and why it wasn’t making contact before sending it in on warranty so took it a part, and first confirmed that 510 is NOT adjustable so don’t do it or you might break the connection and also, I think I know what might have happened to mine, I over heated an RDA like to hot to handle hot and the heat transfer to the 510 pin melted the solder point, hum yep I looked..LOL
        SO, I now use one of those Vulcan styled finned heat sink adapters and get zero heat transfer, you can use one of those air flow adapters, the shinny two part ones??.
        This mod has now completely replaced my old trusty faithful never failed me even when I ran over it with my truck, the MVP2, that’s sort of sad as it had been my everyday out and about mod and indestructible, but this mini has already proven to be fairly tough, I said fairly, I don’t think it can be ran over with a truck or slide down the dash board and out the window at 50 miles per hour and keep right on vaping like the MVP did, but it’s a fantastic mod.

  • Andrew 12/23/2014

    This little mod does sub ohm tanks ! Works great with the new Aspire Atlantis. Somebody asked me if we had a fog machine. I said yeah me !


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