Innokin Cool Fire 1 For Beginners – Top Quality & Authentic (Review)

Innokin Cool Fire Review

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 an 18350 microprocessor controlled non-variable wattage APV with an included iClear 30S clearomizer as a standard kit. When the Innokin Cool fire I was released approximately one year ago the kit initially included an iClear 30B clearomizer, and there are still Cool Fire I kits in circulation that include the iClear 30B clearomizer as well. The Innokin Cool Fire 1 retails for 29.71-54.99 USD at select online retailers.

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 kit featured in this review came from, and it retails for $33.78USD. For a limited time you can use Coupon code S76617FRm3 for an additional 34% off ($22.22 after coupon).This coupon code will expire on January 1, 2015.

Buy the Innokin Cool Fire Here

The Innokin Cool Fire 1 with iClear 30S is packaged in a hard clear gift box. There is also a security scratch off sticker which is used to verify authenticity on, and the Cool Fire 1 kit that I received has been verified as an authentic Innokin product.

Cool fire collage 1


  • Brand: Innokin
  • Type: regulated APV and clearomizer kit (non-variable, steady 8.5W output)
  • Material: cast metal alloy and polycarbonate (iClear 30S has a stainless steel drip tip)
  • Connection threading: 510/Ego
  • Battery configuration: 18350 standard (18650 extension tube available separately)
  • Clearomizer style: dual top coil (replaceable ?)
  • Diameter: 21mm
  • Height: 153mm ( mod and clearo)
  • Weight: 128g


  • Supports 18350 batteries (18650 with extension)
  • Rated power of 8.5W, which is perfectly suitable for 2.1 ohm iClear dual coil clearomizers.
  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit. Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • ON/OFF battery switch.
  • LED Battery Power Display.
  • Low Voltage Warning: Overtime Vaping Warning (10 second switch cutoff).
  • Battery safety protection (Vent holes).
  • High compatibility 510 connector:
  • Will fit iClear10, iClear16, and iClear30 clearomizers, as well as standard 510 Accessories


The Innokin Cool Fire 1I is made of metal alloy, and like most other Innokin products it has a solid feel in spite of its lightweight. Being that the Cool Fire I has a constant, non-adjustable wattage output of 8.5 watts, there are no wattage dials or up/down buttons. This makes for a really streamlined appearance that is similar to a mechanical mod even as the Cool Fire is a regulated device.

The fire button style is very much like the switch found on the Vapor Shark rDNA 40 that I just reviewed, in both its construction and feel. There is power symbol etched on the body above the fire button, and the Cool Fire 1 logo is etched along the side of the body. The APV breaks down into three basic parts which are the main control, the removable atomizer ring, and the bottom battery cap. All of the threads are clean, and each movable part of the device threads easily on and off of the main body.

The Cool Fire 1 is 510/Ego threaded and so it is compatible with other 510 and/or Ego threaded atomizers.

Cool fire collage 2

The threaded removable atomizer ring has two 2mm air holes drilled into either side of the ring, which allows for air flow into the 510 connection. The remaining dimples around the atomizer ring are purely for style/appearance. The bottom battery cap is male threaded, and has 6 battery vent holes drilled into the bottom. There is also a gold plated negative battery contact surrounded by a black delrin insulator inside the battery cap. The negative battery contact is non adjustable.

Cool fire collage 3

As indicated in the device specifications, while the Cool Fire 1 is a 18350 battery device, there is also the option to purchase the 18650 battery tube extension which is sold separately. I purchased the 18650 battery extension from for a very reasonable price of $4.59 USD plus shipping. Sadly, I have seen some vendors charging as much $20.00 for this small extension tube, so buyers beware.

The 18650 extension tube is made of the same metal alloy as the main device, and it is male threaded at the top of the tube, and female threaded on the bottom. I do wish that Innokin had not etched the words “18650 adapter” on the tube, which does take away from the overall aesthetic a bit.

The Cool Fire 1 is powered on and off by three clicks of the fire button once a battery is installed. The fire switch does illuminate when pressed/fired, and there are three different illuminated colors which correspond to the battery level. Green = 3.75v or higher, yellow = 3.6-3.74v, and red = lower than 3.6v.

Battery cut off happens at 3.3v, and the fire button will blink for 8 seconds with the red LED once the battery has been drained to 3.3v. There is also a 10 second firing cut off, and the device will stop firing after the button has been depressed more than 10 seconds.

Cool fire collage 4

This Cool Fire kit comes with an iClear 30S dual top coil clearomizer which has a 3ml e-liquid capacity which is measured on the body of the clearomizer. While this clearo is marked as a 30S, I do notice that it does not have the same rotatable drip tip that comes with individually sold iClear 30S. The drip tip on this clearomizer is stainless steel however, it is not removable. This clearomizer is rated for 2.1 ohm, and when I checked the resistance on my ohm meter the clearomizer read 2.0 ohm.

While I have read on the internet that the individually sold iClear 30S with rotatable drip tip uses replacement coils, I am not so sure that the 30S that came with this kit is replaceable. In the photos below you will see the extent to which I was able to dissemble the included clearomizer. I was not able to remove the polycarbonate tank from the base of the atomizer even as I had no problem unscrewing the top cap.

This clearomizer does receive its air from the 510 connection via two air holes drilled on either side of the 510 connection, which appear to be approximately 1-1.2mm in size. I do like that this is a top filling clearomizer because it means that you will not need to remove it from your mod in order to refill it.

Cool fire collage 5


After the clearomizer is filled to the 3.0ml mark, I recommend that you allow the clearomizer to sit for about 10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak into the wicks. If you look at the first photo below you will see that after I allowed the clearomizer to sit, that the wicks absorbed approximately .5ml of e-liquid. At this point you can top the clearomizer off with more e-liquid if you wish.

While I have long since passed the days of the being a clearomizer user, I must say that I much preferred the iClear 30S over the 16B that I reviewed with the Innokin DRV a few months ago. The air flow, and overall vapor production of the iClear 30S is a lot better than the 16B clearo. The flavor production is about the same as what you would get from most good quality clearomizers of a similar style.

The Cool Fire 1 and the 30S clearomizer worked well together in both the 18350 and 18650 battery configurations. If there was anything that I wanted more of, it was throat hit. I feel that the 8.5W output limit had everything to do with the less intense throat hit that I experienced. Personally I would love to see Innokin revamp this the Cool Fire 1 concept and increase the constant wattage output to 10-12W.

I was happy that I had the Aqua V1 RBA to pair with the Cool Fire since they are both 21mm in diameter, and actually look quite nice together. While the Cool Fire 1 is limited to a 8.5W output, it does have a 7A limit. I could not find any specs for the Cool Fire 1 which indicated its minimum firing resistance however, I doubt that his device would fire anything lower than 1.2 ohms. I did use the Cool Fire with a 1.2 ohm rebuildable atomizer and it did fire, although I found that I experienced a better vape with the iClear 30S.

Cool fire collage 6


When the Innokin Cool Fire 1 was released this time last year I really wanted this device. I was very attracted to the smaller 18350 battery configuration, and the constant 8.5 watt power output which was perfect for how I was vaping a year ago. Today I do prefer a slightly more powerful vape than what the Cool Fire I can offer me however, I would still use the Cool Fire 1. 

I feel that the constant 8.5W output of the Cool Fire 1 makes for a very good starter kit for beginner vapers, and is adequate for anyone who needs an inexpensive pocketable device to get them through a work day, or a weekend of running errands. Click here to find more amazing vape pens that won’t look out of place on your desk or nightstand.

CF final photo

Where to Buy a Cool Fire Mod

Buy for $22.22 here – Use coupon code “S76617FRm3″, Ships from China

Buy here for $29.51 – Free Shipping from China

Buy for $25.17 – Ships from USA, Comes with iClear 30, Use coupon code: YEAHBABY

Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Vickie 12/11/2014

    This looks like what I’m looking for. A mini mod where I don’t have to mess with adjusting the wattage or voltage. Just more clouds, compact and easy to carry around.

  • T.A. 12/12/2014

    Great review. For some reason I am drawn to older products (relatively speaking – vaping technology grows so quickly!). I like the idea of the Coolfire 1, seems like a good fit for Protank 2’s and other “last year” toppers. I still feel like the price is high for the functionality, but if it is as durable as some of the other Innokin products, that price might be a worthwhile investment. 20-25$ on sale is about what you’d spend on one of those funny-face VAMO’s on sale, plus the cost of batteries and extension.

    Still, I’ll keep my eye on these! Shiny. Want.

    Thanks for the information, well written and very useful.

  • Scott Watson 12/12/2014

    This was my first real introduction to a something other than a small tank with battery. Got it with a 30b tank last spring and was $25 from a US company. The original battery goes way to fast and the extension to the 18650 was great and really balanced it out. Total investment was $32 minus batteries. Almost “Star Wars” like light saber:) Great KISS device.

  • James N. 12/12/2014

    This was my first device after a Standard Ego Battery as Well.. I must say they are Built Very Well and take a Beating! I have dropped mine SOO Many Times it’s Not Funny but it still works Great, I have since moved on to other Mods and Setups as most of us do Frequently. Mine has even gotten quite Wet and Still Worked after the Fact. I Paid Wayy Too Much For Mine When it First Came Out, They are Priced Much Better Now and Highly Worth it for a Step-Up from an eGo or EVOD..!

  • James N. 12/12/2014

    Hey you guys should add VaporWorlds Listing!!! Theirs are Only $19.00 and they have like 742 of them at that Price! Plus I believe their Shipping Rate is Quite Low..

  • John T. Schmitz 12/14/2014

    The Cool Fire I was/is a great, simple kit for beginners and those looking for an alternative to eGos … especially now that the price has come down. Some might argue that with all of the variable voltage/wattage devices floating around at the same price point, the Cool Fire is a poor choice; however, its simplicity is its main selling point when one considers whom its target consumers are.

    Glad to see that yours came with an iClear 30S, rather than the 30B, which was prone to leaking and consistently received poor marks. The X.1 was Innokin’s next attempt at a BDC; however, it too leaked from the 510 … but when it DID work, it produced thick/dense vapor and a great throat hit. The 30S was/is a damned good clearomizer and I used one daily when it came out about a year ago. That 2.1-ohm coil should perform very nicely at 8.5 watts (I fired mine at 8 – 10 watts).

    A couple of things about the 30S:

    1. The drip tip is threaded/removable–just unscrew it. A standard 510 drip tip can be substituted.

    2. It uses a 16-wick dual top coil (not bottom) that is indeed replaceable. It is designed after a carto tank. Unscrew the locking ring on the bottom of the tank and pull the entire coil/center post out from the bottom. (It’s a snug fit, just like a carto tank … so pull hard. If it’s really stuck, just screw it onto a device and pull the tank off from the top.)

      • John T. Schmitz 12/14/2014

        Yeah, the iClear 30S is the only decent top coil clearomizer that I’ve ever used; it improved upon the original iClear 30 by rounding up all 16 of those wicks and bunching them together in what is basically a hollowed-out 45 mm carto with about a hundred holes punched in it. By doing that, Innokin more or less eliminated the annoying old tip-&-toot method that one was forced to adopt when using a top coil system. And the only advantage of top coils is warmer and more flavorful vapor and the ability to fill from the top. (For optimum performance, it’s best to keep the tank full–right to the brim. I always went way past that maximum fill line. Since gravity is working against you, having lots of wick and less distance for the juice to travel is important. And lots of PG.) It’s still a decent tank for those who aren’t super serious about their vaping and don’t want to spend a lot of money.



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