Inline Volt Meter (Voltage Display) – $10.50 USA

Inline Voltage meter

Inline Voltage meter

Voltage Meter

I was just informed of a great deal on a inline voltage meter from Vices eCig. Right now you can get one for only $10.50 plus shipping. They used to sell these at 101Vape for $11.99 but they don’t have them anymore.

The voltage meter is a very useful item, you just screw the device onto your mod and the bright red LED screen will display the output voltage of your e-cigarette mod. I know Nicole uses a voltage meter like this in her ecigarette reviews.

The device has a male 510 connection on one end and a femal 510 connection on the other so youy can sandwich it between your e-cig mod and an atomizer. You can use it to test the voltage drop of a mechanical mod or see how much power is left in a batter without removing it from the mod. If you use mechanical mods at all you should have a voltage meter like this.

I don’t think you can find a voltage meter cheaper than this one. I know you can get a similar inline volt meter from Fasttech for $9.07 but it doesn’t look as good and you have to wait for shipping from China.

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Inline Voltage Meter for mods


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